Pizza Lessons and a Pizza Coloring Page Printable

Do your kids think pizza is a food group? Mine seem to believe that. My youngest could exist on pizza and peanut butter, but not together. I don’t mind pizza, for several reasons. It’s a food everyone loves. It is relatively healthy and you can change it up to be just about anything you want. Cauliflower crust? Sure, why not? Chicken and pesto? Yes, please. Plain old pepperoni? Okay.

Pizza is one of the most perfect foods according to my kids

Four Simple Lessons Prompted by Pizza Dinner:

My favourite thing about pizza is that you can easily make it together with your kids and it’s enjoyable to eat. My daughter’s favourite thing about pizza is the taste, and the fact that it is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles favourite food. Pizza also very naturally lends itself to some basic learning concepts. You might as well use the tools at your disposal to capitalize on those small learning moments. I thought I would share a few of the things parents can discuss when making pizza with kids.

1. Math:

Pizza naturally lends itself to math concepts because of the shape and the slices. You can easily start a conversation about fractions when you are slicing the pizza. Might as well look for math concepts in food because it makes the math more fun.

2. Nutrition:

Have your child identify all of the food groups represented on his or her pizza. Dairy? Yes of course. Vegetables? Maybe. Meat, often, yes.

3. Reading:

With all recipes, I like to enlist the kids in figuring out how to read the recipe and follow the directions. That’s a decent literacy activity.

4. Time Management and simple time concepts:

If it takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook a pizza then what time will it be when the pizza is done? What does twenty minutes look like? Can we leave the house to do an errand? Is that too long? Is that one small episode of Arthur? Is that maybe just enough time to set the table and wash hands and read a page or two of a book?


Pizza dinners are a lot of fun and there’s some brain food there too. You can print off this fun pizza colouring page printable by right clicking the above image or by clicking on the highlighted PDF link below. It is a clear image of a pizza for kids to color.

Pizza colouring Page

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