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This is the second in a series of posts about light bladder leakage and the impact it has on women’s health physically and psychologically. This month I interviewed positive aging expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of The Best of Everything After 50 : The Experts’ Guide To Style, Sex, Health, Money and More.

1. What kind of psychological impact does Light Bladder Leakage have on a woman? 

LBL can affect women in many aspects of their lives, making them feel as though they are ruled by their bladder leaks. Over half of Canadian women under the age of 55 experience some level of anxiety as a result, one third said they wouldn’t travel, and 11% reported that they would put off visiting friends and family if they experience bladder leaks. One in five even avoid having sex because they feel embarrassed. And just as important, six in ten women who experience bladder leaks feel as though they are living with a secret. It can wreak havoc on their confidence and stop them from living their lives. 


2. What kind of advice would you give someone who needs to have a conversation about LBL with a friend or family member? 

Most women don’t want to talk about having a sensitive bladder, even with their doctors. Instead, they try to keep it a secret. But, women who do experience LBL should know that they are not alone! We encourage women to talk with their friends, and for sure, with their partners, especially if they have been avoiding sexual intimacy. If a woman’s partner sees that she is comfortable with what her body is experiencing, her partner will be, too. And as with most important conversations, the fear of it is always worse than the discussion itself. It could even bring their relationship to a new level of intimacy. 

 3. How do you start that conversation?

One of the best ways to start any challenging conversation is to open up with others who are experiencing what you are experiencing. Share your feelings and concerns, and ask questions, with other women either in person or through online forums, such as on  Women who do quickly realize that they are not alone, and they can get good tips on how to get the conversation going with friends and family from others who are having similar discussions.  

 4. How do you know when LBL (light bladder leakage) is something that actually requires further medical investigation?

LBL is common in women over 40, but women should always discuss changes in their bodies with their physicians. 

 5. How many women over 40 have LBL (light bladder leakage) ?

According to the Canadian Urinary Bladder Survey, 16% of men and 33% of women over the age of 40 have symptoms of urinary incontinence but only 26% have discussed with their doctor.

6. Is this an age related condition? Is it more related to child birth? 

Women can experience a sensitive bladder or LBL for many different reasons, although it happens more often with women over 40. Some of the reasons include having given birth, going through menopause, being overweight, and even certain medical conditions. 

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 7. How important is having something like Always Discreet to use?

For Canadian women who experience LBL, over 45% reported being anxious because they were concerned about smelling like urine. And almost half of them experienced bladder leaks before they had the chance to get to the restroom. If they wore the right product–one that neutralizes odour, absorbs quickly, and was comfortable yet discreet–there’s no question they would start to feel like bladder leaks are no big deal. In fact, almost nine out of ten (88%) of Canadian women under 55 who experience LBL said that the right protection would give them the confidence to be more socially active and engaged with life. 

 Many thanks to Barbara for answering my questions regarding Light Bladder Leakage.

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LBL is a Condition not a Life Sentence

LBL ( Light Bladder Leakage ) is nothing more than a medical condition. It’s not a life sentence. Don’t let LBL control you. Control it!

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