Long Weekend Ribfest, Barbeques, and Wonder+ SimplyFree

Its London’s biggest barbecue – Ribfest – and it is one of our favourite things about life in London in the summer. This weekend we took a day and headed over to Victoria Park to sample the amazing ribs.
This is one of my absolute favourite parts of summer – the long weekend barbecue. Whether you gather in a park with hundreds of others, or simply barbecue at home there’s no better way to celebrate summer. This past long weekend we did both. We headed over to Ribfest to enjoy the ribs, ride the rides and lap up the gorgeous weather and then we also had a quiet day at home in the yard enjoying coffee on the patio and a barbecue – ironically we had ribs on a bun that night at home. (Wonder + SimplyFree buns of course)  Just the four of us. It has been a challenging summer so far for our family. My mother has been sick and I have been at the hospital a lot. My kids went to stay with my sister-in-law for a bit. I am deeply grateful to have her as a resource and a help this summer. My husband has been called home from work more times than ever before. Frankly we have all been pulled in opposite directions for most of the summer. So this weekend when we had a moment to reconnect – as a family of four – in a relaxing staycation well its no wonder that part of our weekend revolved around barbecuing. I have said it before and I will say it again: I love BBQ season because it means I don’t have to cook. Woot! This year we have been introduced to the yummy, preservative free Wonder + SimplyFree line of breads and buns. They are a huge hit and they make me happy as my family’s health is always at the front of my mind.
Ainsley showing off her hockey skills at Ribfest.
My kids enjoying a rare moment of getting along
The fun rides at the amusement area of Ribfest

Payton and Ainsley on another one of the rides at the park

One of our favourite new products. Wonder + SimplyFree. For all our barbecues this summer.

Wonder + Simply Free is the First Canadian National line of hamburgers and hot dogs free of artificial flavours and colours. No high fructose corn syrup or unbleached wheat flour. All the Wonder bread products are made from unbleached flour. That makes me want to buy and share them with all my friends and family members.

WONDER+ SimplyFree and Canadian Living have some great free articles about barbecuing and check out the awesome recipes using Wonder + SimplyFree products to make things like tuna melts.  You can see them here

I participated in this blog tour on behalf of Wonder and Mom Central Canada and for doing so I received some materials to host a barbeque and a gift card.


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