World Cup Fun with HEXBUG Robotic Soccer

When the World Cup rolls around, I think everyone becomes a soccer fanatic. Honestly, I don’t understand always what’s happening, and I’ve never really been a big fan of any single sport, but the frenetic energy of the games and the fans are just infectious to me.

My husband and daughter, on the other hand, enjoy watching sports together often. Although we’re not on the same page with sports, we are on the same page with HEXBUG. You’ve seen posts from me in the past on this brand because I love it, and now I’m bringing you another one about HEXBUG Robotic Soccer. HEXBUG Robotic Soccer brings the fun and energy of the world cup home with their amusing products.

HEXBUG Robotic Soccer is Fun for Everyone

This set from HEXBUG is perfect for sports fans and gamers, both young and old. It’s one of the cutest soccer games for kids I’ve ever seen. It mixes technology with sports to bring a physical, real-world play experience to everyone in the home. That’s the classic HEXBUG approach that’s made me a big fan for a long time now. Players can pick their robot “athletes”, which are tiny colourful cars, and customize them with decals to match their favorite World Cup countries and teams to create a personalized game.

After the fun of customizing the robotic athletes, players can then set their team on the field and begin their own World Cup match up right in their living room. What I love about this set from HEXBUG is that it’s easy to set up and fun for the whole family. My daughter and I enjoyed setting up the field and personalizing the cars with our favourite teams. In addition to customized cars, HEXBUG also has a cool stadium for your own epic match-ups.

Hexbug robotic soccer is a really fun way to cheer on your favourite soccer teams and have some family fun too.

Be FIFA MVP with HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Games for Kids

My family is loving the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer set. It’s one of the cutest soccer games for kids and families I’ve ever seen. Great way to bring the fun indoors this summer too.

It’s been so much fun to turn our little cars into World Cup players and go against each other for some family-friendly competition. Playing together also gives us some great quality bonding time and fills the house with laughter and good-natured trash talking. It’s a blast! We’re having a ball, and I think you will, too so check out the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer set and start your own epic soccer showdown today.

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