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My Two week countdown: On The Move

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Two weeks to go!!
This weekend marked the two week countdown to our moving date. It’s been awhile since I posted about our move here and life has been crazy busy in 2014. So, I thought I would share an update. This was us back in October getting ready for moving day with family. This is what my week looked like last week – warning, it isn’t pretty.
Two weeks left to go and the packing is starting to worry me. Nobody else seems to be taking much initiative at this point in my house and honestly it’s making me irritable. As matters of finances often do, the details of planning and lining up all the final important documentation falls to me. My husband sometimes drives me crazy that way. One of my children has scattered toys and books all over her room again and she keeps bringing more and more books home from school. I don’t even know how one child can read that much! I have been on a mission to toss it, recycle it or donate it if it doesn’t get picked up off the floor, or packed. Yesterday I threatened  during the Super Bowl to remove all the American Girl dolls and clothing if they didn’t get picked up and packed soon. Both my young ladies got many American Girl dolls for Christmas. (Now this is likely a big fat idol threat because these dolls are like gold, but nonetheless it got the messy child motivated to tidy up.)
It never rains but it pours, right? Well naturally my computer downloaded an update (Mavericks) that fried something relevant and made my browser crash every time I opened it directly. Now, I tend to use my browser a fair bit so that was a problem. Also my computer is my primary work gadget so that was a productivity issue. So I spent a half day on the phone with Apple Support trying to determine if it was hardware or software (same day as Ainsley’s IEP meeting) That day was bust. Payton also had rehearsal for her play that night. So that was a running mess of a day. In the end the glitch was not a hardware issue but a software issue. I maintain it was because I downloaded the update and it damaged something here. So after reinstalling and doing all that great grand brilliant diagnostic testing it ended up that I had to go into the Genius Bar all grumpy without an appointment and then we had to restore to factory settings. Factory settings. Wiped the computer clean again. I had backed up back in December after Christmas. December 31st actually. But I lost a few things and my software for reinstalling my Windows for Mac was where exactly? 
Oh yeah. 
It was somewhere in here. 
So there went a couple of hours the next day hunting through boxes out at our storage locker at Storage Worx. But guess what? I eventually found it. Yippee. 
It was at the bottom of the storage locker. Reinstalled and recovered many of my old files and computer is working again. But I lost about a day which I can’t afford to lose right now. Oh and the best part: guess what the new house is not actually in the current school boundary. So when I efficiently informed the children’s school that we are moving to X address they said you are actually going to be in Centennial school boundary for 4 months. In September all the French immersion school boundaries are being shuffled around. The girls current French Immersion is closing. So the principal at children’s current school though asked me to write a letter to her asking for them to stay at current school to complete the year. Then she granted an exception to the boundary. Lucky break there because moving them for 4 months would be deadly for my girls. Anyways there will still be an issue with buses that I need to resolve, OR I will be driving them back and forth every morning for 4 months. Not ideal. I will keep you posted. 
This is the story of our kitchen renovation and the transformation if you are interested. 
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This is what I got done:
1. Packed about 5 more boxes.
2. Moved some clothing on to a neighbour’s little girls.
3. Registered our change of address.
4. Sent out several personal change of address forms.
5. Signed kids up for sleepover camp this summer. (I know that has nothing to do with moving but it’s done. Woo!)
6. Located several more forms to take to my bank. (The final ones that were missing.)
7. Talked to the property lawyer about a couple of things that are final details.
8. Hired the mover. We got about 4-5 quotes and had a great one from Toronto that was very inexpensive because I was going to write about our experience with their company but in the end I got worried that the weather might make the drive from Toronto a problem. I can’t deal with that. I need moving day to go smoothly.
9. Set up a bridge loan for 4 days – the difference between the day that we move and the day that this house closes.
10. New Mortgage forms signed.
Also I tossed a few toys and towels and clothing items that are ratty and old in the garbage. Oh yes and I forgot that I diffused a few small meltdowns and anxious moments where my kids asked if we were taking teddy bears, blankets, bedding etc. Calmed them down stating yes they can bring their loveys. 
Just two weeks left!! In case you can’t tell I am getting excited. Have you moved with kids?
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  • Tiainspace

    It’s definitely pouring in my life right now too; I’m feeling for you! When we moved, I did 99.9% of the work — all of the packing, cleaning and staging the house, arranging the sale, arranging the moving, etc. etc. It was really frustrating! Plus, I kept getting asked where everything was — “PACKED!” Oh well. Soon enough, you’ll be settled again and the stress will decrease.