Hiding in the Bathroom

I am hiding in the bathroom. And now I am writing a post about hiding in the bathroom. Because I have three girls in my living room, each one gorgeous and smart and related to me and therefore giving me back everything I ever dished out as a child. And yes, I love them madly, my niece included, but the 7, 10, and 11 year old girls in my house are giving me grief and I probably deserve it. But holy crapbuckets of all that is sweet and holy I am very unprepared for the coming teenage years and I see that now. Especially since a simple request that my DD 10 brush her hair this morning was met with loud wails of “Mom you don’t understand me. You don’t get it!” I think there may have been a dramatic door slam or body hurling onto a bedspread. (And that was me). Five minute lecture on hygiene was then followed by a kid who broke into tears and hurled self onto bed and came out 20 minutes later screeching and wearing jeans in 30 degree Celsius August weather. So this is my post inspired by hiding in the bathroom. Here’s to every Mommy out there who has ever hidden in the bathroom to get two moments of sanity. Or simply locked the door to pee in private without a two-year-old on her lap. (Oh I remember those days) Today I had a super chat with @Optimom Laurel who gives great advice and subsequently I hid in the bathroom. For those of you who know me well you know that my Mom has had a world-class miserable health care struggle lately. My brother and I (both barely 40) are now suddenly her power of attorneys. We both have little kids and in our visions of life projected this happening perhaps at least ten years in the future or perhaps never. And yet here we are. Last week my sister-in-law had my kids so that I could manage my mother’s care and today I am trying to pay her back (sort of) by having her eleven-year-old daughter here. Sleepovers are a special treat. (for nobody actually) I let them stay up late last night and watch TV and eat some treats and later I will take three girly girls for pedicures because yup I am that kind of aunt. But for this moment I am hiding in the bathroom because it is the only place where there is peace and quiet in a house of shrieking sarcastic beautiful smart and way too cheeky girls who are in fact all Schucks. So here’s to hiding in bathrooms. Here’s to Moms and estrogen and pedicures and Thursday afternoons. And now I am ducking and opening the door again.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Skees

    You are such a funny Mom and an amazing woman. I still can’t get a bath in piece but then mine is only 4. Have a good weekend and I’m sure the girls will allow into their group soon, or at least your youngest will.


  • Mrs. E

    Dont feel guilty. I hide sometimes too or sometimes when they are calling me & I know they are okay, I pretend not to hear them. Shhh… a secret between mommies.