Making Time for Breakfast Treats #strudelgram

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What does your breakfast routine look like? Are breakfast treats ever involved? Is that different on work and week days than it is on the weekends?
Ours is typically pretty rushed but we do all make time to sit down together every day of the week. That’s something we have always valued and wanted to maintain. Some days that means we work hard to schedule that time in but it’s mostly natural here now. Family time starts at breakfast when we most eat healthy but small meals and race out the door for school or work.
On weekends we occasionally have time for breakfast treats or bigger meals. So sometimes I hunt for things that make quick meals or even snacks.

Frantic Mornings

Taking time to savour a leisurely breakfast together is rare. Oh, we strive to eat together every morning, but it is almost always a super quick meal. Let’s be realistic – life is busy. Breakfast, most mornings, is coffee and a super fast bowl of cereal and a race to get dressed and out the door. Kids are on the bus early and my husband – these days – is up and shovelling (Whew what a winter! Then he’s out to work early too.) So, we connect, but in a passing manner that is sometimes frantic and not really that memorable.

A birthday treat.

This week Pillsbury Toaster Strudel challenged our family to make the most of breakfast by sharing these tasty breakfast pastries. We had never tried them before. I don’t normally eat much for breakfast, so what better time than March break to take a moment together to share a treat and a leisurely morning of sorts.


One of my girls had a birthday this week so lucky for us the timing for a Toaster Strudel Birthday – gram was perfect. The Pillsbury Toaster Strudels are found in the freezer section of the grocery store and they come in several delicious flavours. We tried Blueberry, but there’s also Mixed Fruits, Apple, Raspberry and others. I loved the warmed up Blueberry toaster strudel. I tried writing on mine but it melted into a big blob because I like mine warm. So we tried the next two a little less warm and the writing stayed put. (see above)

Warm or cold these breakfast treats are delicious. These would be fun for a sleepover breakfast too. Any group of kids would love these breakfast treats.

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Enter for a Chance to Win

Right now you have until March 28th to upload your Strudelgram and win all sorts of Pillsbury prizes. You can see the other entries here and get a limited time Toaster Strudel coupon.

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