maple leaf monster jam tour 2015

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour 2015 Giveaway #Ldnont

maple leaf monster jam tour 2015
maple leaf monster jam tour 2015

Maple Leaf Monster Jam is my youngest daughter’s favourite annual family show. Why? Because Maple Leaf Monster Jam arrives every year around March, the time of her birthday. Every year she goes with her father and sometimes the rest of us too, and we enjoy the show together. But in years gone by, several special years in a row, it was just Ainsley and Dad.

A Special London Event

So it’s kind of a dad and daughter date. That makes her happy and it’s kind of memorable for both of them. Together, they revel in the crazy antics of Maple Leaf Monster Jam trucks like Northern Nightmare. On those years when I am not able to go, I am always regaled with stories of who drove which truck and which drivers were “girls” just as soon as my daughter comes back from the event. Of course they often text me pictures and video clips of the noisy er, I mean boisterous performances too.

This Year You Can Win

This year you can also watch twelve-feet-tall, ten-thousand-pound trucks that will bring you to your feet. Each magnificent truck races through a custom-designed track full of obstacles to soar over – OR smash through. Delightful entertainment for young and old.

My Tip for Monster Truck Viewing

My tip: bring your own headphones or ear protection! Trust me you need it and everyone there will be wearing something on their ears. Maple Leaf Monster Jam is a hoot for all ages. Let’s face it – kids love trucks of any size so ones that are as big as your living room are ten times the entertainment.

This year, yet again Maple Leaf Monster Jam comes to Budweiser Gardens. We will all be there this time cheering the trucks on and taking pictures. Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour 2015 arrives in London on March 7 and runs through the weekend, March 7 to 9. Maple Leaf Monster Jam is generous and has a family four pack of tickets to gift to one lucky reader here on Thrifty Momma’s Tips.

Enter Now for a Chance

Follow the instructions below to win tickets to see Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour 2015. You must be able to attend the Saturday opening show March 7th at 12:30 p.m. in London only IF YOU WIN. Follow Monster Jam on Facebook for more news and contests:

They are also on Twitter too

Good Luck!

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