Months of the Year Printable Activity

I know you love these because they are some of my most downloaded and read content on the site. So, this year I thought I’d capture a brilliant package of months of the year printable activities for you to use and share with someone. These are perfect for little ones, or grandkids. Colour the characters, letters and numbers and give these activity pages to your little people to help them learn the months of the year and the order they come in.

Print the Name of the Months of the Year

What’s your favourite month? What’s the month that comes before it and the one that comes afterwards as well? I have always been partial to July because it is a month for vacations and summery weather and it is my birth month as well as my daughter’s birth month. So much to love about July in my opinion. Cottages and trips to Bruce County have always made me happy.

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Free Games and Printables

Remember to visit my free printables board if you need help looking for free activities for your kids to do. For a high quality print out of the life cycle content do not miss this downloadable Bee Life Cycle activity and you should be off to the races.

Products Needed: Don’t forget to order paper – HP Printer Paper and also be sure to use a good printer. This Epson Eco Tank Printer is amazing. It saves ink like nobody’s business.

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To Use This Activity

In Order to Access this and Download it Just click on the link below and print it out.

How many syllables does November have? How many syllables are in the word May, or June or JULY? Can you spell each of these words and also tell me how many days are in each one of the months of the year.

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