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Take the Stem Challenge Now and Keep Learning

Is it time for a STEM challenge?

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Keep Them Entertained and Learning

Right now, with a return to school still a bit uncertain and summer in full glow, you might be hunting for ways to engage the kids in educational activities. I don’t know about your children, but mine have always loved hands on kinaesthetic learning.

It’s simply how my kids learn best. They are hands on and visual as well. Auditory is lower down on the list for my kids anyways. So, if you want them to retain something, often that requires multiple modalities as they say. Hands on and STEM activities help to do that.

Is Baking a Stem Activity?

Here’s an example – something as simple as baking can be a STEM learning opportunity. Your child has to read the recipe instructions and they need to measure and then add ingredients, as per the recipe notes. At the end, they see whether the baking rose or not, or whether a specific combination of ingredients and spices produced a reaction or a certain flavour.

Love letting my teens loose in the kitchen. They have come up with some spectacular recipes here. Try this one – > Glazed Apple Cinnamon Bread

My Scientists

When one was small, she invented her own science projects. I would often find her hiding in the upstairs washroom doing experiments with simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar and things like that. It was messy, but she enjoyed it and I tried to remind her cleaning up after is part of the process.

These days, they make Harry Potter potions occasionally and sometimes they make fake makeup, especially around Halloween. Fake blood is a hit here.


If you are into Solar System Projects, Don’t Miss this post – > 15 Solar System Projects to Do With Your Kids

Do This Stem Challenge Together

When stuck for ideas, this creative and fun Stem Challenge will help.

STEM learning is a vital part of education.


It is the focus of many fun kid’s toys and Stem games. With an increasing number of career opportunities surrounding STEM and the advancement of technology in general, it’s important for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to play a larger role in children’s education.

Stem toys, experiments and activities, even now, during the summer can help keep your kids engaged and busy, as they learn new concepts and skills.

Need a Challenge?

Are you hunting for ways to keep the kids engaged and learning right now? Maybe it’s just the right time for a Stem Challenge. Make a lava lamp! That’s one I am hoping to make myself still. Cargo airplane, why not?

Science in the Summer

Last year, we went to Smugglers’ Notch at the start of the summer. They offer STEM day activities as part of their resort activities guide. So, one morning we headed up to the lodge where the STEM instructor was and we built roller coasters together.


Making a Roller Coaster

Jim, my husband, and Ainsley were on one team and Payton and I were on another. We had masking tape, marbles and insulated tubing (sort of like pool noodles) and had to balance out the weight so the marbles flew through the roller coaster track. Surprisingly, this is more challenging than it looks.


Use These Stem Challenge Cards

Download the full list of Stem Cards here now. Click the link below for the five page Stem Challenge cards. There’s an extra page here of blank cards, you can use to create your own challenge ideas for the kids.

Search My Pinterest Boards for More Ideas

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Are your kids into Stem activities? Do you have any new ones that you recommend?

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