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My 411 Mabel’s Labels Review and Giveaway Open to Canada and US.

My 411 wristbands from Mabel’s Labels: Good for All, Excellent for Kids With Special Needs

It is a moment, hardly longer than the blink of an eye, and your child disappears from your line of sight. Your stomach sinks, breath catches in your throat, heart freezes and your mind races. Where is she? Did someone take her? Is she hiding? You tell yourself it will be okay, but newspaper headlines are all you can see or think and you fly into panic mode, or maybe survival mode. Every parent on the planet, if they have a child who is old enough to walk, or run, has had one of these heart-stopping moments. My youngest child has special needs, her feet always running faster than her mind can think. She never sees the danger and she frequently wanders off. It is a terrifying thing to parent a child who wanders. A month ago or so, she wandered off when I was writing and she was out with her one on one respite worker. She was gone for about 10 minutes before the panicstriken worker found her. That night I found Mabel’s Labels My 411 wristbands on line and asked to review some. Mabel’s Labels wristbands are simple, paper bands with an adhesive attached. You rip the adhesive portion off and fasten it to the appropriate size for your child’s wrist. My daughter is used to similar wristbands from vacations and amusement parks, so it didn’t take that much getting used to for her. The Mabel’s wristbands can be used for allergies, medical conditions, special needs or simple safety for any child at all. I like this product a lot because of its simplicity. I rip one from the package and put it on my daughter’s wrist now if we are going out in public. I have even had her wear some to school. They last 3 to 4 days on her wrist. They are water resistant. My daughter has worn them swimming, but they tend to wear out faster that way. I like the price of this product and frankly love all of Mabel’s Labels products. But this band is unique for me because I can personalize, use it and discard when it wears out. My daughter’s wristbands have her name, our address and my cell phone number. That’s vital 411 information. My daughter is too little to recall my cell phone number and chances are good that when either my husband or I go out in public with her, we have my cell phone with us. Mabel’s Labels wristbands are resistant to chlorine, water and sunscreen and they come in packs of 30 wristbands for $21.00. Mabel’s Mom cofounder and blogger Julie Cole has a child with special needs and so its no wonder this Canadian company thinks smartly of these things. There is also a product called Allergy Alerts, which Mabel sells 20 of these sticky labels for $18.50. Love both ideas and both products. How did Mabel get so smart?

I give this product a $$$$ out of $$$$$ rating

Giveaway: (Open to Canada and US)
Mabel’s Labels has been kind enough to give one lucky thriftymommastips reader a personalized package of My 411 Wristbands. I will draw for the winner on Nov. 22nd with help of random.org.
to enter:
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  • Skees


    I found Mabel’s Labels thanks to you and love them I started using them when Rachel went to camp this summer and am using them for her current Spectrum Activities. I really like the sticky labels that go on the containers she takes to school, because I don’t have to remember to take them off when the dish goes in the dishwasher, nor do I have a sticky mess on the rest of the dishes when done.

    The 411 labels sound great and I think they’d work for us at a park or camping.