The Coffee Lover’s Ultimate Gift Guide

Are you barely functional without the morning java? Live for a latte? Incoherent before that second cup of Joe? I feel you. Me too. The good news is that if you have a friend like me, they are extremely easy to buy for any time of the year. Get them specialty coffees or coffee related gadgets and they will be happy as clams.

My Ultimate Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

This gift guide is specifically for all of you who love your morning brew and can’t get by without it. You love the lattes and the Americanos and Espressos too. In fact some days you joke you’d get an IV coffee drip if you could. Oh, trust me I know you. But you need not be quite that dramatic. Just forward this post to your friends and drop all the hints this year.

There’s a little bit of something here to fit every budget going.

For Your Friends

Under $25 Coffee Lover’s Gifts

Rosa Vila Caffeine Molecule Necklace
Coffee Joulies
All Natural Coffee Scrub
K Cup Carousel
Reusable K Cup Filters
Heat Sensitive Constellation Mug
Coffee Bean Earrings
Cup of Coffee Necklace
Coffee Bean Plant


Under $50

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker
French Press Coffee Maker
Coffee Pour Over Kit
Mini Portable Espresso Machine
K Cup Variety Sampler
3D Latte Maker

If you really want to wow someone with top level gift giving skills then opt for an amazing Breville coffee maker. I reviewed Breville Precision Coffee Makers months ago here.

Under $100

Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster
Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee Sampler
Keurig Classic
Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Bring Me My Coffee Please!

Coffee can be the most powerful thing. It can be bold and rich and sweet and magical. Oh come on, you know what I mean. The smell of my morning coffee drifting up through the house and into the shower, well that’s one of my happiest moments of the day. Good Coffee is a gift and coffee lovers will thank you for these.


Tea Lover?

I’m actually a huge tea lover too. In fact I love all the herbal teas and light berry flavoured tisanes as well. If that’s more your speed then check out this post – Tea Lover’s Gifts. You might want to check out the Ayurvedic teas from Tetley while you are at it.

How do you like your coffee?

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