Monday Nov. 8 Mingle: These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

Must be the season…sounds a bit like Sound Of Music here on Monday Mingle. Anyways all have a lovely week and here are a few of my answers to Jen’s vlog meme.

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  • Momstart

    I never liked having a turle, we just adopted one that walked up into our yard one day.

    Wow, sounds like a great book. Five stars, and it made you cry. It sounds like it would make me cry too

  • Debbie

    I have two neighbors who both have “turtle stories”. Mostly how they escape or end up somewhere ridiculous like the garbage can….that book sounds intriguing, I’ll have to see if my library has it…I’ve NEVER seen Casablanca (shock)…better put it in my movie queue at Netflix 🙂 Happy Monday Paula!

  • Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom

    Awww a guinea pig. I really don’t know much about them!

    Don’t kick me, but I have never seen Casablanca either. I know it’s a classic, and I really need to sit down and watch some of the classics one of these days 🙂

    Thanks for mingling!

  • Jendi

    I never had a turtle. My niece has a teeny-tiny one. When I was little a neighborhood boy painted the shell of one and released it. It was fun to find it different places in the neighborhood. [It was about 8-10 inches long.]

    We thought about getting a guinea pic to keep the rabbit company, but guinea pigs aren’t good outside.

    I love that you show things in your video!