My Answers to Lisa the Party Mommy at YummyMummyClub

1. Did you attend Blogher10?
No. Dammit! I was actually a bit afraid. The swag frenzy and scary anecdotes from last year’s Blogher made me think umm.. nope I’ll try Type A Mom Con for my first conference. Thanks.

2. Are you attending BlissdomCanada this fall?
 I am crossing fingers and toes and approaching sponsors right now so I don’t need to remortgage house just to go. That would be frowned on by my husband.

3. When are you at your blogging best –  I guess night. Here it is 10 p.m. again and I am bloggy baby.

4. How many blogs do you have? (Include the links)

5. What technical skill would you like to learn to improve your blog? 
I would love to kick up the video blogging or vlogging. I think I could use some help making it speedier etc.

6. Do you prefer the sound of silence or does action abound while you blog?
Never any silence at my house. I write while kids are making noise, tearing house apart and husband screeching: “Do you think you could load the dishwasher today?” He took much heat on twitter for that one so cut him some slack.

7. Do you include the names of your family in your blog?
8. Do you post pictures or videos of your children?

9. What’s the grossest thing you’ve spilled on your keyboard?
President’s Choice Lychee pop. Love that soda but dammit did it wreck my keyboard. My fixer upper hubbie pulled it apart and fixed and put back together and still the 2s and the a’s wouldn’t even budge. What exactly do they put in that stuff?

10. Ever posted something you wrote while intoxicated?
I don’t drink and blog. Just a rule here. See Q11 for reason.

11. Do you go back and edit old posts just because you can?
Sometimes because spelling errors make me crazed.

12. Have you ever suspected somebody took something you wrote and pawned it off as their own? No. I don’t think so. Hmmmm….

13. Does your spouse read your blog? What do they say about it?
Good heavens No! Horror of horrors. No! I barely let him read my articles that appear in newspapers and magazines and traditional media. Social media is a bit more raw, so ummm No. My kids read over my shoulder though. They are big fans always arguing over which one gets in the blog today.

14. What’s something cool/positive/unexpected for you, that has resulted directly from blogging? Well
I write every day if I want to and I make new friends and occasionally get cool stuff to blog about.

15. Link to a post (or two) which demonstrate your writing style:
Dear Western Fair
Have a Great Wolf Day!

16. Name a blog(s) that makes you exclaim, “Damn! I wish I’d written that!”

I agree she is funny —

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