We finally had a chance to celebrate summer holidays with a brunch at Cora’s, something my niner has been asking for well about three or four months now. It was my second time there, at the breakfast place, with two locations now in London. Both times I wasn’t disappointed. The menu is exclusively crepes and waffles and bacon and eggs and breakfast foods. But as you can see here (to the left) this isn’t your average breakfast spot. The waffles my daughter chose were flavoured with cinnamon, covered in fresh fruit and drizzled with icing sugar. Yummy and also from the children’s menu my sixer ordered the bacon and eggs and both were under $6 each. I have several favourites there now. I loved the quiche the time I went for lunch and the other day I sampled the eggs and sausage, which was plenty for me. It is off to the side of the menu and not much more than the children’s menu. I think it was about $8. Anyways service was exceptional. The place is almost always busy though and with good reason. This brunch meal for the three of us was delicious and very affordable, at under $20 for the trio of dishes and my coffee too. Cora’s has a location on Wellington Street and also on Adelaide Street at Cheapside. Cora’s was started in Montreal and is catching on like wildfire. I enjoy their food very much and, as an aside, really I can pay as much for three meals at McDonald’s or Harvey’s. Frankly many of the sit down spots like Milestones charge almost $20 for one adult meal at the buffet. This is a sit down diner/cafe style atmosphere and I like that the kids menu made me feel good and wasn’t full of things like hashbrowns and weird food that appears cut in animal shapes. One note: this hotspot is only open daily until 3 p.m. so get there early for brunch.

Thriftymommastips review of Cora’s is $$$$$ out of $$$$$.

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