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Saving Money on Your European Vacation #travel

A European vacation can be a wonderful experience. Everybody should have the chance to visit and explore Europe, if only for the history and culture the area boasts. Of course many of us want to do it. It’s such a romantic notion. What isn’t romantic is the price tag that can come with it. Because these sorts of trips can be so pricey, I made a list of ways that you can save money on your next European vacation.


A Frugal European Vacation

Don’t head over to Europe and be the world’s biggest tightwad. That won’t be enjoyable for anyone If you do that then what’s the point? You WILL have to spend some money to take a trip to Europe. The point of this article is to spend less money on things like lodging and air fare so you can save it for spending it on things like authentic cuisine, tours, and other experiences.

Book Lodging on the Outskirts

Consider booking lodging on the outskirts; instead of in one of the more expensive European hotspots. The beauty of Europe is that many countries are close together. Also the potential transportation options between major centres are very reliable and affordable. Make day excursions to see those countries, and cities that would cost you an arm and a leg to book lodging in.

Timing is Everything

If you want to save money on your next European vacation, book during shoulder season. Shoulder season is what we call off season, and it runs from late April through late May and then from September through the middle of October. It’s especially important to do this for resort destinations, as you can save upwards of 50% by booking in shoulder season.

Skip the Hotel

Rather than staying in a chain hotel, rent a house or apartment. They are more affordable and they offer the added bonus of amenities like a kitchen and privacy. Try an AirBNB. They’re an excellent way to spend your down time on a European vacation. It has admittedly been way too long since I visited Europe. When I was in my early 20s my brother and his girlfriend were studying in Paris, France. That was my ideal way in actually. I was young enough to travel cheaply and I stayed with them, sleeping on a futon on the floor. We ate inexpensively in the flat and we didn’t spend much. plus we walked everywhere. So, if you can do this when you are young absolutely you should go for it. Travel is a gift. I still have so many countries in Europe that I want to see and I’m hoping to return soon.

Cruise on Down the River

One of the best ways to make your European vacation more affordable is river cruising. River cruises have seen a huge surge in popularity because they offer the ability to see so much and see it with no stress. Meals, drinks, and excursions are almost always  included in the price of a river cruise, so it’s perfect for frugal exploration.


Depending on your situation, a group European vacation could be a good option. Larger groups can sometimes get better rates on bookings, or at least split the cost of the tip more effectively.

A European Vacation Doesn’t Have to be As Expensive

Don’t get the impression that you can take a European vacation on the cheap. That will never happen. Ever. There are just too many things that go into getting over there and staying over there to make it anything other than a hit to your pocketbook. HOWEVER, you can make it less expensive with a little research and planning.

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