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My New Fiesta Dinnerware in Slate and a #Giveaway ARV $150

The newest colour is slate.

Fiesta Dishes are the sexiest dishes I have ever owned. Not exaggerating. Not one little bit. Take a look at that rich colour! Slate is one of the newest shades in the Fiesta Dinnerware lineup this year and I love it. It’s sophisticated and attractive and these dishes are hard working too. Remember when I moved into my new house and I grumbled last year many times over that I couldn’t find the right dinnerware? I shared my frustrating search on Instagram. We hunted high and low. I frequented all kinds of stores looking for something that was safe for my family. Searching for dishes shouldn’t be so hard. I wanted something that was pretty, but not flowery, classic, sleek, but definitely not old fashioned.


We moved in February 2014 with a rag tag assortment of dishes that were quite mismatched and had been well worn.

It was my husband who pointed out how bad our old dishes were after we moved.

Him: “I think we really need new dishes.”

Me: “What?”

Him: “Look at these. They don’t match and we can’t serve people like that when they come over.”

Me: “Okay, sure.” (That might be my equivalent of yes dear.) Back to work I went, because life is busy and I don’t have time for decorating talk. Dishes? Really? We had literally just moved in, when he noted this to me. At which point I was thinking, we need a dresser for one of the girls, we need patio furniture. What colour will I paint the girl’s rooms? What should I do with the basement? Where can I find a bedspread that is pretty for a tween? What style should I do the living room in? I have no idea what pool company to hire to open the pool. Did I tweet enough for all my clients today? Did I thaw anything for dinner? What am I missing? And he was thinking dishes. We needed 1001 things. Dishes?

Anyways, as the weeks progressed I realized yes he had a point, especially when company came over. When company came over we used the good china, or a raggedy assortment of mismatched Corelle and some other old dishes with Irises on them. I had nostalgic dishes. I was attached to them because they were my Moms and my Mother-in-law’s. Now that both those amazing ladies were gone I had these random things that sometimes prompted a heartfelt memory of them. Nostalgic dishes aren’t grownup dishes and they can cast a pall on entertaining. I needed to move forward.


I hunted high and low. Homesense. Walmart. Home Outfitters. Winners. Target as they were closing their stores in London, Ontario. I came close at Bowring, but I didn’t buy. We were still discussing how many we needed ( he said 12 for entertaining purposes. I said 8. The difference between 2 or 3 sets is huge in terms of cost!) Although my immediate family is 4 people, we are a family of easily a dozen people when we all get together a few times a year. Anyways, long story short we were at a standstill.

fiesta dinnerware

My dishes must be able to go in the dishwasher always. My dishes must be safe. I worry about dishes leaching lead or other chemicals into food. Was that so much to ask? I had almost given up actually when I found Fiesta Dinnerware. 


Fiesta Dinnerware is known for its fun and festive mix and match colours. We were sent 4  gorgeous four piece settings in Slate. LOVED the colour. Slate is super hot right now and very chic. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Then also here’s the fun part. There is a Large Bistro Bowl shown here holding homemade cole slaw above in Lemongrass.

fiesta dishes
My potato salad looks even prettier here, don’t you think?

And the turquoise companion set is shown below with our grilled bell peppers this week. I love being able to add a pop of colour to the table by mixing and matching the extra serving pieces. There are 15 different colours to mix and match! You can see Fiesta Dinnerware here. I love that Fiesta goes in the dishwasher easily and comes out looking as great as it did when they arrived in our home. Mixing and matching makes the set more affordable in some ways because you can add as you are able. Fiesta is available at and on line and at better department stores and specialty shops. You can see more here: Fiesta Dinnerware.

fiesta dishes
Turquoise companion set

[tweetthis]Is it time for grownup dinnerware? Fiesta has 15 different mix and match shades of colours to add pop to your table. #fiestadishes[/tweetthis]

Fiesta is my new favourite dish set and the slate colour makes me happy. My new companion pieces are cheery because they are so fun to use, set out and display. So out with the old and in with the new. This season, or maybe even this year 2015, it’s time for new dishes that match your lifestyle and meet your needs. Fiesta Dishes are lead free and made in the United States. They also come with an amazing five year chip resistant guarantee. They are extremely durable and well made. Plus they make me proud to serve on them. Are there any negatives to this brand or set? My only comment is that I need more. I have one set and it is gorgeous but I need a whole other set to make this my go to set for entertaining every single time I have guests. You will want to celebrate the new with these dishes. Hey, if you remember, that was my word of the year Celebrate! Fiesta Dinnerware fits our lifestyle and our family, and even my personal philosophy for the year, which was to celebrate life!

[tweetthis]Fiesta Dinnerware is lead free and made in the United States. [/tweetthis]

So, now for the good news. I also have one set of Fiesta Dinnerware to share with one lucky reader!! Follow the steps in the giveaway and good luck! Fiesta Dinnerware is also on Facebook here – Fiesta Dinnerware.

As noted I received product to facilitate this post. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.

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