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I Found My Word of the Year For 2015

I found my word for 2015

I found my word for 2015 in centergy class, where I do yoga and pilates moves and strive to get fit. I could care less if that sounds cliche. It’s the truth. I have been searching for a word to help me give a focus to this year. I choose one every year. But this year I have been stuck. I loved the word Travel and wanted to make that my word BUT it seems so dependent on many other things. Travel depends on the economy, the number of holidays my husband is able to take, the children’s schedules, and the income here at my business. While I will strive to make this a year in which I travel as much as possible, travel is not my defining word for 2015. I also feel like 2014 was an exceptional year for travel. I travelled way more than I ever thought I would, covering Colombia with World Vision Canada and Mexico as a media trip and then San Jose, California, Vancouver, Alberta, and Atlanta and Florida, culminating in a Caribbean cruise. I made 2014 meaningful and travelled a lot. But travel will not be my word for 2015.

So what and where was that word? 2014 was growth. It was truly a year for growing personally and professionally. We moved to a bigger home. My family grew up and my business grew again as it continues to – happily for me. We have grown and we will keep growing. In 2013 I used the word health and I strived for healthy living and a healthy attitude in all things. That was a challenge. I have seen a lot of words I love, used by other bloggers and business people and I enjoy watching this process of growth and definition. But for me the word of the year was elusive this month.

Yesterday it hit me during that blissful period at the end of a harsh one hour workout when I rest in relaxation mode for 4 to 5 minutes striving to quiet everything around me, and everything inside me.  Centergy is a yoga pilates fusion done to popular top 40 music that I love. It makes me feel good and healthy and energized. It makes me feel closer to my mother as well. Maybe that’s weird but there is a spiritual component to my class that helps me to achieve balance and energy and strength and harmony. And I feel her there. 2015 is a year that is decisive to me. It is the middle of a decade and the number 5 seems decisive. Strong. There’s no turning back after five. The year 2015 could have been about the word NO. But I decided that was too negative. Celebrate. Much nicer and such a lovely goal to build on. Celebrate. Celebrate life. Because it is precious and very short. Celebrate family because many do not have such gifts. Celebrate doing something I love as a career and business. Celebrate waking up. Celebrate being able to move with strength and precision and balance through all the various fitness classes and workouts I tackle. Celebrate marriage and living and travel and life. Celebrate love. Celebrate all the gifts I have. Celebrate having a voice and using it. Celebrate all things.

Celebrate. This is my word of the year for 2015. What is your word for 2015? Do you have one?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I had never heard of picking a word of the year until this year, but I don’t think I would anyways. I would forget it within a few days LOL. It’s the same reason I don’t make resolutions.

  • lisa

    I do not have a word for the year, but if I were to choose one it would have to be motivation. Motivation to get all the things accomplished that I keep saying I want to but never do.

    • Paula

      Motivation is a great word. It’s hard to maintain motivation sometimes. I find different things motivate me in business.

    • Paula

      Lisa: Thanks so much for the kind comment. I hope you have a great year and I hope to see you back here as well!

  • Dawn

    Absolutely! You’ve got to make your own joy in this life. Nobody else can make it for you, so celebrate everything all the time!

  • Cia from Cia Says

    I love this! You are the first person to have such a non typical, generous “celebratory” word. This makes me look at the “word” challenge in a completely different way! 😀

  • Jeanine

    This is the very first year I’ve heard about picking words. I chose “inspire” I like celebrate. What a wonderful choice! This idea of words Is a lot of fun and a look to work toward!

  • Michelle de Guzman

    I love choosing a word to define your year. That is so positive and focusing. I also love that you went to the Caribbean in 2014. I am going in a couple of months and I am SO EXCITED. It is definitely a winner for me. I think my word for the year would be GRATITUDE…or Growth. I have had a lot of growth last year so I want to continue that this year.

  • Michele

    I do not pick a word for the year (nor do I make resolutions for that matter) –it just isn’t me. I am glad that you were able to pick a word for yourself that has meaning for you. And don’t forget to just celebrate being you!!

  • sara

    I picked a word and blogged about it at the start of the year, I think it’s a lovely idea and ours is healing. Celebration is a wonderful word, I wish you a fantastic and celebration packed year after your last year of growth!

  • Kathy

    I think motivation would be a great word for me for this year. I could sure use more motivation to do a lot of things. Exercising more is definitely one of those.

  • Kori

    My words for the year are balance and growth. Hopefully I can stick with both of them and keep them in mind as the year progresses.

    • Paula

      Determination is a positive and energizing word I think. Good Luck! I think that’s one that would keep me motivated to grow and accomplish a lot in 2015.

  • Shaney Vijendranath

    I love your word and it definitely has a lot to do with my life right now. We just found out we expecting our second baby so I’m definitely celebrating! My word is blessed for 2015. I feel so blessed at the moment and I’m loving it.

  • Lauren

    I love this word of the year! It is such a great idea to celebrate all that we have and all that we have accomplished!

    • Paula

      Thank you! I am surrounded by people who remind me that parenthood is a blessing and not all are fortunate enough to become parents. I hear also from people so often struggling with the economy or with health. We are blessed to be here and well and I think my word celebrate just reminds me that the present is a gift. I hope it helps me remember to be present all year long.

  • Alyssa C

    I’m loving your word of the year, there is always something to celebrate! I would say my word of the year would be motivation or love. Thank you for sharing

  • Bonnie @ wemake7

    I don’t have a word yet for the year but I love this idea and yours is awesome. I think mine will be “HOPE”.

  • Bradley Finnearty

    This is really a great idea. I am always looking for a way to keep positive and continue to grow. A word a year is something that if you keep it in mind would help with that. Celebrate is something that I try to do every day as you never know when the celebration could end. I am going to share this one.

  • Rosey

    It doesn’t sound weird to me that you feel closer to your mom when working out. If I’m stressed about something I cry, lol, when I’m on my treadmill. I’m not even a crier…at all (except movies, ha!), so I get it. 🙂 ‘Celebrate’ is a good word.

  • courtney

    I have never picked a word of the year but maybe I should next year… Sounds kinda fun 😉 love the word celebrate

  • Chrystal @ nevermore Lane

    I wasn’t planing on doing a word for the year. I sort of just fell in to it. My word this year is going to be Wellness. It is the year I take back control of my life and get myself better, physically and mentally.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I think Celebrate is a wonderful word to choose. I would have to pick the word. Calm. I am trying to reduce the stress in my life.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    I love your word for 2015. Celebrate is an awesome positive word indeed. My word for this year is Commitment. I have chose this word because of the Commitment I have will myself to do and be the best I can be all around. Thanks for sharing.