Mystery Puzzles Package for Your Little Detectives

Do you have a sweet little spy? Are you raising a small detective? Does your child love decoding, or enjoy a good mystery? Do they like word games too? Then these children’s mystery puzzles will be just the right thing to keep them occupied and having fun all summer.

Now be warned one has a serious travel theme so don’t print it out unless you are legitimately taking a trip soon. Or the happy smiles will be frowns instead. Nobody wants that.


My kids have always enjoyed word games and I was no different at their ages. I have always enjoyed words and word puzzles or word searches and crosswords are fun things that help stretch your brain. These mystery puzzle printables will serve a couple of purposes this season. If it’s spring break and you need something to print off to keep the kids busy, then these mystery puzzles will do the trick. Summer holidays, same deal.

Whether you are taking a road trip by car, a train ride or a plane ride in the future your kids will be less inclined to holler: Are We There Yet every five minutes when they are being kept busy.

I have two great mystery puzzles for you today. The first one is super simple and could even be used for a preschooler. No huge literacy skills needed for that one.

what to pack

And the second Mystery Puzzles for kids printable page is a Secret Message Printable that says Surprise We are Going on a Trip! So if you are planning a surprise road trip or a fun excursion of some sort then give them the second one and they can enjoy part of the dramatic lead in to a fun trip together.

If you are taking a road trip I have dozens of printables for the ride. Here’s the ABCs for road trips and also Road Trip License Plate Bingo! LOVE both of these. One is inspiring and the other one is just plain fun.


How Do You Print These Mystery Puzzles Out?

paula secret message

To get these you simply have to click on the highlighted link above – the one that says Paula Secret Message and save them and print them off on your computer. The process is pretty simple. Hope they enjoy these!

Happy Detective Work!

If your child loves more mystery puzzles and word puzzles I have a massive Pinterest board full of free printables to share.

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