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Lindt’s New Gold Bunny Easter App Gives Back #GoldBunnyStory #Giveaways

Easter is a time for family, but not every child has a family to celebrate with, which is why I was thrilled to learn that Lindt has created a story-telling app that aims to help. The Gold Bunny Easter App, celebrates the legendary Lindt gold bunny and gives back to Children’s Aid Societies in Canada with every download. Lindt Canada is celebrating the launch of a beautifully written and illustrated storybook app entitled “The Bell that Rang in Easter”


My family feels strongly about Children’s Aid. I’ve spent 14 years helping to co-faciliate the adoptive parent’s support group at our local Children’s Aid. I volunteer to help other families as they are transitioning to adoptive families and I sometimes speak locally, nationally and internationally about adopting children with special needs. I’ve written often about our journey to become parents via adoption and how Children’s Aid was instrumental in that process. Inside The London Children’s Aid Society, a dull looking old building on Oxford Street are the rooms where we first met and held both of our baby girls. Our lives were changed forever for the better the moment we decided to pursue adoption.

Every child waiting in protection of a Children’s Aid Society of Canada wants the same thing – a chance to have an adult that cares for them, a home, love, someone to trust. Some only dream of things like Easter egg hunts. Our kids found us. Thankfully, gratefully, forever, they found us. Many kids wait in foster care for years. Children’s Aid isn’t just a space that protects children who are in need though. It is also a space that aims to help support children who are in jeopardy within our own community. That’s everyone’s concern and everyone’s issue all year round. Children matter and organizations that help a communities children to be safe and grow up health and potentially even find a forever home, have my support. That’s why the Lindt Gold Bunny App matters to me and it’s also why Lindt Canada has mad respect from me this year. It’s why I want each and every one of my readers to download this app NOW!

lindt gold bunny app

By the way the people at Lindt Canada have provided a beautiful Easter gift basket full of delicious Lindt Canada chocolates and gold bunnies for one lucky Canadian reader of Thrifty Momma’s Tips. Follow the instructions below  for a chance to win.




Gold Bunny Easter app and “The Bell that Rang in Easter” details”

  • It is FREE to download from iTunes and Google Play.
  • Lindt Canada will be donating $1 for every app download to the Children’s Aid Foundation (up to $50,000).
  • You can download your free copy of the app at
  • Share your Gold Bunny Easter traditions using the hashtag #GoldBunnyStory. (why not tweet with us and share your Easter stories.?)

gold bunny app

For many years we helped throw an Easter Egg hunt for the families who were also our friends, and that was both rewarding and fun. Easter is a great time to celebrate family. More children in care need champions. It’s great to see a company like Lindt making a difference with the Lindt Gold Bunny App and the adorable story The Bell That Rang in Easter. The Lindt gold bunnies also have a huge place in my heart. Every year someone special gifted these to my girls. My Mom, the girls’ grandmother always gave Lindt chocolate bunnies – a gift from the heart. Now that I know Lindt Canada supports children’s health and wellbeing I will make sure this is a lifelong tradition and perhaps one I will one day pass down to my own grandchildren.


Lindt Gold Bunny Easter App Basket Giveaway

For a short time I have a beautiful Lindt Basket to give to one of my Canadian readers too.

  • Content of the Gift Basket:
  • Value of $50-  Basket filled with Lindt’s Chocolate for Easter including Gold Bunnies
  • 50g Milk Gold Bunny (Retail price: $4.49)
  • 100g Chick (Retail price: $6.99)
  • 90g Happy Easter Bell Box (Retail price: $8.99)
  • 138g Lindor Crystal Gift Egg (Retail price: $9.99)
  • 100g Lindor Mini Egg Pack – Milk Chocolate (Retail price: $3.99)
  • Mini Gold Bunny 5-pack – Milk Chocolate (Retail price: $6.99)

Lindt is also running a few different events this week and next before Easter designed to promote the app and generate more downloads while boosting Easter buzz.

Gold Bunny Easter App Event Details

Event Details: 

Square One Shopping Mall (Mississauga)

  • Wed. March 16 – 26:  Lindt Canada is hosting a fun-filled family Easter event.  Families can enjoy a reading of the story by its award-winning Canadian author, Ashley Spires, immersed in a 1,400 square foot display filled with life-sized scenes from the digital book.  Colouring stations, photo opportunities and personalized gold bunnies will also be available. Guests that show proof of the Easter app download on their smartphone will receive a special Easter offer.
  • March 18 – Live Readings: Centre Court, Square One Shopping Mall –  Families can enjoy a reading of the story by its award-winning Canadian author, Ashley Spires, immersed in a 1,400 square foot display filled with life-sized scenes from the digital book.  Times: 10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm & 5pm. 

Shops at Don Mills

  • March 17 – Live Readings: Families can enjoy a reading of the story by its award-winning Canadian author, Ashley Spires. Times: 10am, 11am

Follow Lindt on all their social channels too –


Twitter: @LindtCanada (using the hashtag #GoldBunnyStory)

Instagram: lindtcanada

Please download this app. It makes a huge difference to children and it is a sweet story too. Many thanks to Lindt for caring about a charity close to my heart. I received a basket of goodies here and one to share with readers. This is clearly an issue and a business that matters to me. My opinion is 100 % all mine.

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