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Traveling ABCs Roadtrip Printable Scavenger Hunt for All Ages

This year we took a long road trip to Vermont and stayed at Sugarbush Resort. It was an amazing five days and a memorable adventure capped with a lot of skiing and some fantastic foodie experiences too. But it started with a long 9 1/2 hour drive. A drive that long can be a nightmare with kids, or it can be a fun experience. Unless you have a Printable Scavenger Hunt.

Now, I don’t have to tell you Moms and Dads out there that a drive that long can easily go either way. If you plan well, then a big drive can be educational, fun and memorable. If you fail to plan, it can be an exercise in torture for all.

Pack Printable Games for Trips

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even though my kids are older and capable of amusing themselves – mostly – I still pack numerous activities to keep us all occupied. My computer bag is almost always stuffed with printable Word Searches and Crosswords and things like this Traveling ABCs printable scavenger hunt.

On the trip to Vermont, I pulled three of these Traveling ABCs out as soon as we crossed the border at Buffalo. From there on in, the kids and I searched for objects, landmarks and signs that fit the letters of the alphabet. Some letters are super simple. Your kids will find Stop signs and Fences and even schools and cover off those letters fast. But, X and Z will keep them guessing, maybe even for hours.

Activities Keep Them Busy

Printable activities also get the kids off their gadgets for a bit. I like that. These printable games will also help younger kids stay involved during the drive and it gets them thinking of the alphabet, words and spelling too. Here are a few Road Trip Tips and Tricks that may help next time.

What was the last road trip you took together with your family? What kind of tricks do you have that help keep kids from getting bored? Don’t forget to pop by my free printables Pinterest board.

Print the above printable out by clicking on the image and saving it.

Happy and safe travels!

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