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Ten Camping Apps to Make Camping Go Smoothly

Camping apps? Yes, there are even apps to make you camping experience run a little smoother, if that’s your mission this year. Camper, glamper or weekend warrior – no matter what your camping style there’s a camping app to help.


Most of my readers know by now that I am more of a glamper than a camper. I enjoy the outdoors and I love a good road trip. But I don’t do tents. Luckily there are a million and one different ways to get away in the summer. And whether you are camping, glamping, cottaging, or heading out of town to a resort with some friends and family the important thing is typically how you spend your time and who you are with while there.

I love staying in a cottage and enjoying all of the comforts of that lifestyle, while doing some fun camping activities too. Like sharing campfire stories, roasting marshmallows and smores and enjoying a good song or two. So a space like Parkbridge Resorts or Sherkston Shores works beautifully for me. In fact many years I have rented a cottage with a relative too.

Many of my readers are travellers and some are hardcore campers. Several also have their own RVs. No matter what style of camper you are there’s a reason camping or heading to the cottage is a favourite with families everywhere. It’s a great chance to unplug and spend time together in the great outdoors!

When it comes to camping or any travel at all really, packing the right tools and necessities can be the difference between a bad or a good experience. Did you know that there are camping apps out there to make your camping trick run smoother? I know we’re supposed to be unplugged here, but these apps are definitely worth it!


Ten Camping Apps:

  1. Camp Finder Compare and find camping and RV sites.
  2. Camping List Never forget another item on your camping trip again. Super simple to use. Must have iOS 8.0 or higher. Check off all the items you need and then mark them as packed when they are in fact ready to take with you. This may help keep you organized.
  3. Coleman Campfire Tale – a fun little app with some campfire stories for those times that you are stuck.
  4. Spyglass –  available in multiple languages this is a GPS camping app and it is hardcore.
  5. MotionX GPS – Excellent and highly rated GPS app that will record your hikes, treks and bike rides with accuracy. Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Great for biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, running, paddle boarding, sailing, rowing, flying, geocaching, and more. Has free downloadable worldwide maps and NOAA marine charts. Over 5 million users worldwide.
  6. Star Walk Of course this camping app is a stargazing app in case you couldn’t tell by the name. Very educational. This is the kind of app my daughter loves when she’s outdoors. If you have to take the tech then it better be educational and helping.
  7. What Knot to Do – by outdoor sports clothiers – Columbia Sportswear this app details how to make over 70 different types of knots! Did you have any clue there were that many knots? This app requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  8. Dutch Oven Helper This is kind of a quirky little app. If you identify what kind of dutch oven you are cooking with and your cooking method then it will tell you how many briquettes you need to use.
  9. St. John Ambulance First Aid – Be warned this is only to be downloaded by those over age 17 and is based on UK St. John Ambulance protocols. But this is still a useful first aid and safety app for camping. The app doesn’t replace the benefits of learning first aid, nor is it as in depth as a full first aid manual. When there is an emergency, it may help you in the first crucial moments when time is important.
  10. BackCountry Navigator – the best selling outdoor navigational app for ANDROID. Best TOPO maps that are downloadable too.

Camping Apps Can Add Value to the Outdoor Experience

Have you heard of any of these camping apps before? Are you a camper? If so what’s your favourite app and do you even use them when camping?

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