Our #MajestaEZ Science Experiment and Contest

It’s something we all need but don’t give a whole lot of consideration to – toilet paper. MAJESTA and Mom Central Canada dared us to try MAJESTA EZ Flush, more specifically they dared us to give it the shake test, alongside another leading brand. You can see the results when you watch the video featuring my scientist Payton.

MAJESTA EZ flush breaks down faster than the other leading brand. We did this test about 3 times and the first time MAJESTA dissolved into bubbles, while the other national brand looked like a mound of feathers all clumpy in the water. The second time the MAJESTA took more shaking but it was still really just cloudy water when we finished. The third time this video was the result. You can see MAJESTA looks like cloudy water and dissolved quicker than the other sample in the other bottle. That’s a big difference to today’s low flush eco friendly toilets. That will be a big difference in my new home with the newer toilets and the newer everything else. For sure this is a consideration.

Every Mom and Dad knows the horror of the accidental overflowing toilet caused by a tot who uses just a pinch too much toilet paper. That doesn’t need to happen. This MAJESTA EZ flush means it breaks down in time to avoid clogging pipes. Happy to report MAJESTA EZ flush also passes the softness test – or as darling child featured in the video above says: It must be cushy for your tushy.

For this entire year Majesta is hosting the $25,000 MAJESTA e.z Days Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes take place from January 1st until December 31st, 2014. Consumers can enter daily on the contest site, or on Facebook for their chance to win:

1 or 5 grand prizes of $3,000 shopping sprees
1 of 24 monthly prizes (2 per month) of $50
1 of 360 daily prizes of MAJESTA product prize packs ($25.00 in coupons)

This post was completed as part of my association with Majesta and Mom Central Canada. I received compensation and various perks. My opinion is my own. 

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  • Christy Garrett

    This sounds like a fantastic product. I remember my older kids using too much toilet paper when they were younger. Oh the mess that an over flowing toilet makes, of course, the newer toilets won’t actually overflow unless they keep flushing.

  • Suzanne

    I love this Shake Test, so much fun! It is great to find such environmentally friendly products out there, for an area that people tend to over look. I can’t wait for my own shake test 🙂


  • Brandi Yee

    Ohhh I can’t wait to try this test!! We’re going to do it today. She did such a great job in the video!! It’s so important (especially with little kids) to have a toilet paper that flushes easy…since kids love to CLOG the toilet LOL