103 + PRIDE Gifts and Decorations

This year, kind of got shorted as far as PRIDE is concerned. I have felt a bit sad about that for a few weeks now. June is typically a month that is synonymous with Pride gifts and Pride celebrations. Pride parades are commonplace in many major cities. But Coronavirus has made that less possible this year.

I mean a few of the Pride celebrations went virtual and I love that they were that creative with their approach, but at the same time, I still want a bit more. After all celebrating diversity is a thing that I value here in my home. We are raising allies and because we love our kids we accept who they love and we embrace who they choose to spend their time with.

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Cute LGBTQ Over the Shoulder Pride Flags by CQ Essentials. Perfect for Instagram or Snapchat. TikTok, perhaps?

3 by 5 Pride Flag

Love Always Wins Decorative Flag

This is one of my favourite pieces actually. The Love Always Wins Rainbow garden flag is pretty and I love the sentiment. Add some colour to your garden, even if you don’t have a green thumb!


50 Pack Gay Pride Party Decoration Flags

Water Bottle Gay Pride Stickers

500 Piece LGBTQ stickers

More 500 Piece Gay Pride Stickers


Mostly Marketed to Men

Take it up a notch with this super cute Zestie’s Pride Romper

More Zestie’s Pride Rompers – Colourful, labelled as Men’s romper.

MORE ZESTIE’s – This one has a cute Gingko pattern. Kind of love it.

Born this Gay Men’s Tank – Kind of love the slogan.

American Flag Zestie’s Romper

Saucony Men’s Performance No Show Socks with Rainbow detail. These have decent reviews and are a reputable brand name.

Flag Meaning T-shirt – Love the explanation and philosophy on the flag across the basic black t-shirt

Polar Bear Rainbow Shirt

LOVETERNAL Men’s Pride Tank Top

Funky Junque Dad Hat

Calvin Klein Lowrise Men’s Underwear with Rainbow Waist decoration.

Hawaiian Shirt – Men’s Colourful Rainbow Hawaiian Shirt

Kiss Me Bro, Gay Pride Tank Top for Men


Hella Gay Baseball Shirt

Be You T-Shirt

Adidas Unisex Fanny Pack

Unisex Rainbow Vans – I have a pair of Vans and love them. These are not the ones I own but the brand is good quality.

Lesbian Pride Clothing

WE Out Here Women’s Tank Top

SUNNY G’s – Rainbow Pride Sunglasses

Let’s Get One Thing Straight Shirt

Opaque Thigh High Rainbow Pride Stockings

Random Accessories

Gay Pride Folding Fan Decorations

Military Rainbow Belt – Build Your Own Style

Armband Temporary Tattoos

iPhone Phone Case

NEW!! PRIDE Face Masks

OH MY GOSH, how much do I love these. I am ordering a few Pride Face Masks for our family. These make me happy and they keep you healthy as well.

FYDELITY – Rainbow breathable Pride Face Masks

Langhu Outdoor Face Mask – PRIDE Rainbow

LTrotted Gay Pride Face Mask with dust cover and room for filters! Already in my cart actually. Might not arrive until August but I am getting this one asap.

More by Fydelity – Tie Dye Pride Masks

Gay Pride Rainbow Colours Gaitor. (Also can be used as a mask.)

This one is more of a dust mask/ bandana kind of thing but can definitely be used as a facial covering too. Basically, it’s multipurpose and shows a cat throwing up a rainbow.

Home Related

Rainbow Stripes Gay Pride Comforter

Love Gay Rainbow Banner Pride – Decoration Ornament Garden Flag Vertical Double Sided Spring Summer Yard Outdoor 12 X 18 Inch at just $7.79 with shipping extra that’s a beauty of a deal.

Sweet Tang Mandala Hippie Tapestry for the Wall

Tapestry Rainbow Flag for Indoors on Your Wall – decorative rainbow paint splotches look as if they are dripping. Lunarable Rainbow Tapestry, Rainbow Flag Pattern Support Pride Lifestyle – Color Splashes Print, Fabric Wall Hanging Decor for Bedroom Living Room Dorm, 45″ X 30″

Proud Tapestry for the Wall – Hippie Hippy Wall Tapestry Pride Lips Black Large Mysterious Tapestry Wall Hanging Tapestry for Bedroom or Dorm Could also be for a picnic mat.

Cute Gift Mugs – Mrs Right and Mrs. Always Right

Books about Pride and Other Educational Resources

Add some diversity to your library with these books. Several will make amazing Pride gifts for the month of June or simply for a birthday.

Colouring Books For Adults

How Lesbians Swear Colouring Book

Gay Pride Colouring Book for Adults

Empty Notebook with Rainbow Bucket List Theme – All the Things We Want to Do Together Gift

Pride Books for Kids:

Early Years Pride Books for Young Kids

Here’s one for the very young set – > A Family is a Family is a Family!

Pink is For Boys

Julian is a Mermaid

Why We Fly the Rainbow – I wish we’d had this one when my kids were younger.

Never too soon to start teaching kids about diversity and the simple fact that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Rainbow – My First Pride Book

Our Rainbow

Love Makes a Family

Pride Books for Elementary School Kids

The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag – Kid’s book. An easy read, on an important topic. Good for Grades 1-3.

Annie’s Plaid Shirt about a girl who isn’t necessarily conforming to gender roles. Sweet story and Mom’s Choice award winner.

Rick – Fictional book for tweens – middle school years student questioning a few things told through the eyes of his best friend, who is a bully.

…and Up Through Teen Years

Gay and Lesbian History for Kids – Book

The Book of Pride – LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World – What an excellent historical story available as an ebook.

Pride and Joy – LGBTQ Artists, Icons and Everyday Heroes – I recognize several of these famous authors and artists! If you are here browsing this post, then I am sure I don’t need to tell you the value of providing kids with cultural experiences, books and art that illustrates to them examples of themselves. My kids are both very clear on the fact that they need to see more books and TV shows with diversity, period. So, I am working on that here. You can add a wider range of books and products for your kids by shopping through this post.

Stay Gold – Fictional Story about a Transgender Boy and. Cisgender Girl.

This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson, very popular volume that many friends I know have in their home library.

The ABCs of LGBTQ+1, (Gender Identity Book for Teens also available as an Ebook)

Like a Love Story – ebook

Fiction – Lily and Dunkin – My daughters both enjoyed this story. I read a very small bit of it and found it well written.

Books for Adults Too

For Grownups, 18 + – PRIDE The Story of the LGBTQ Equality Movement

PRIDE – Celebrating Diversity

The Gay Revolution – The Story of the Struggle

Queer – A Graphic History

Bring that same diversity into your kitchen! Love that idea too. I am very aware of spending my money on things that actually have impact and celebrating the LGBTQ+1 community via purchasing cookbooks and books that support the community is important to me.

Tasty Pride Cookbook – 75 Recipes from the Queer Food Community

Transgender History Book

A Guide to Living and Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Child – Book for Parents of a Gay Child, Transgender, Coming Out, and Readers of Always My Child) Kindle.

This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids – A Question and Answer Book to Everyday Life. These types of resources are relevant to many families and useful to keep on hand.

When Your Child is Gay – What You Need to Know

Parade Gear

LGBTQ Gay Lesbian Pride headband, sunglasses and decorative flag

Amazon Print at Home Gift Card

Perfect Pride Gifts for Teens

Tie Dye Pride Shirt by Koloa

Adorable Halter and Shorts Set for Women by Sweaty Rocks

SweatyRocks Women’s Drawstring Waist Striped Joggers

Krazy Tees Tie Dye Unisex

Choose Equality Ice Cream T-Shirt. LOVE this one so much that I suspect I will buy one for one of my kids, or both of them. Brilliant Pride gift in my opinion.

Into the AM, Vibrant Men’s Tank

Jazzed About Jewelry

These Rainbow themed Pride gifts deliver just the right amount of bling. There’s nothing understated about Pride gifts. These however are tiny jewelry accessories, so they are mostly affordable and make great presents for someone you love.

Moon and Gay Pride Heart Pendant Necklace

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces that fit together necklace – Gay Boyfriend

Pride rainbow Apple iWatch band. Love this. I am still planning to get an Apple iWatch and this looks like a cute and colourful Pride Watch band. Perfect for me.

Seven Chakra Healing bracelet with rainbow details.

Sweet Love Stone Bead Bracelets – Super pretty bracelets made of stone beads. Fits a wrist of 7-8 inches. Some people believe these stone beads carry a spiritual meaning. Gorgeous thoughtful gift for LGBTQ+1.

Variation on the above Sweet Love bracelet. With more leather braiding and slightly different look.

Amazing Nanafest Rainbow bracelet

Bandmax Rainbow Wristband

Silicone Pride Wristband

Love is Love Gay Pride Pins

Gay Pride Wedding Rings

Headbands with a Boho Feel

These are super cute and colourful. This is more of an old school Rainbow boho headband with petite rosette kind of flowers.

Bondi Band Moisture wicking headband. Gorgeous.



I LOVE earrings, so several of these are appealing to me. My one daughter who is most likely to wear Gay Pride earrings has crazy sensitive ears so not sure if these will work. But they make a great gift for someone.

Cute Lego style Gay Pride dangly earrings.

Stud earrings – Gay Pride theme.

Key Chains

This is perfect if you want something simple that is just a token of affection, or a small memento for the occasion. Love the message on this cute key chain. These make simple stocking stuffers too.

I can”t even think straight key chain. LOL.

Games, Puzzles..

Cards Against Humanity Pride Pack

How about the 90s Nostalgia Pack too? Cards Against Humanity 90s Nostalgia.

Bear that Glows in the Dark – The Noodley Glow Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal LED Plush Night Light for Kids Battery Operated Gift Toy for Valentines, Easter, Baby, Girlfriends, Rainbow 16 inch

Cuddly Soft Rainbow Bear

Teddy Bears make great Pride gifts – This one is super cute.


Kudos to Skittles for their amazing product this year. This snack is shareable by the way. Would you have it any other way? Check them out and buy them here. Pride Skittles.

Ball Caps and Hats

Baseball hat Pride

Distressed Unisex Baseball Hat – PROUD

Most of these items are available on Amazon. We have a gorgeous Pride Flag here in our house. One of my daughters chose it and bought it for her sister. She was thrilled with that as a gift last year.

I recognize that not all of these Pride gifts appeal to everyone, but I am certain you can find at least one thing here that makes an impact. Nobody can complain about receiving a book, well nobody over the age of ten anyways.

Be Proud.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.