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Easter Bookmarks Free Printable

If you are at all like me, then you want to take some time each weekend to carve out an hour or two for reading. It is such a wonderful weekend hour or two when you find yourself lost in a good book.

Easter Bookmarks Free Printable

But, at the same time life calls and there are so many things to do every weekend. So you only ever get so far and then need time to finish up all the rest of the things that are on that to do list. Bookmarks sometimes save the day. I am forever losing my bookmarks. The kids do the same thing. What is it about a bookmark that makes it impossible to hang onto one?

Anyways, I figured this Easter bookmarks free printable might help you, as they helped me to keep track of the mountain of books I am reading, and my progress within each book too. Enjoy your Easter weekend and remember to carve out some time for reading too. It’s good for the soul and the brain.

To get this Easter Bookmarks Free Printable you can do one of two things. You can right click the image above and save to your computer and then print them out. Or you can use the PDF link below. I like the PDF version usually because it is often full size and clearer when you print it out.

Have a great Easter and tell me what are you reading? You can see what I am reading by clicking to my books blog Thrifty Momma’s Brainfood.


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