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New Feature – #TheBlacklist Episode Recap Berlin

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This is a completely new diversion for me here at thriftymommastips. Why? Because I have a slight obsession with NBC’s The Blacklist. In Canada, the season’s best new drama is on Global. That’s right. I’m a television critic now. Well, 35 plus years of watching television and I am finally able to say we are starting to get it right. The Blacklist kills Monday nights. The writing is outrageous and the plots are typically, though not always, top notch edge of your seat nail biting thrill rides.
At the very start of this season I was intrigued by the concept of career criminal Red Reddington working with the FBI to reveal numerous underground secret organizations and individuals somehow mysteriously intertwined and on a list only Red knows. And his relationship to Lizzie is that little teaser each week that keeps me coming back. Is he her father? Is he not her father? Husband and I debated this last night at commercial break. It got a bit heated when he – my spouse – started saying “real father” and I pulled out my adoption advocate hat and went a little berserk over that.
Yes that’s right adoption angle and foster care angle. Holla! We know Lizzie was in foster care for some time (that’s a bit mysterious but she was adopted by her Dad who Red smothered in a recent episode.) Then let’s take into account all the stellar supporting actors on this cast. Oh and then there’s the social action. The show gets social media better than any other show on TV. More reasons I heart The Blacklist. The actors often are live tweeting during the show which makes me so incredibly happy I want to cry. TV getting social media. Be still my heart.
So anyways where was I? Last night was the final episode before the season finale. Crying tears of Oh my lord how am I going to get through the summer without my Monday night hit of The Blacklist? I dunno, but Jack Bauer will help ease the pain, slightly. Did I mention how much I love that television doesn’t throw the summers out the window anymore?
So last night started with a coughing jag by some strange security guard who blacks out coughing blood while staggering through a bank and bam. Quarantine the customers. Can you imagine? Nope. Cut to investigators saying this is the Cullen virus, a virus so deadly that scientists stopped studying it because you know it will kill you and stuff. Bleeding from the ears? Not a fan of that. In pops Lizzie, played by Megan Boone and the team ( this entire season my husband has been less than a fan of her) I have in fact totally corrupted his evening sleep by getting him 100 % addicted to The Blacklist. He simply doesn’t buy Lizzie as a kickbutt FBI agent and the subplots early in the season where she and her conniving double crossing creepster husband were plotting to adopt a baby – oh don’t even. Right?
DH: (earlier this season) Um, really this again?
Me: Rolls eyes. Listen sometimes I like that they give characters a backstory.
DH: Seriously, who is going to give them a baby?
Me: Okay, I agree. Never going to happen.
This is how adoptive parents watch TV by the way. For reals.
Last night half a dozen other strange bit characters showed up with a tiny vial of antidote to the Cullen virus but not before a creepy scientist Skyped them each and warned them he had infected them with the virus so that they would carry out a part of his mission. One is to drive a security van. Another is to let an unidentified jet land at airport and yet another is to do some other part of the task which I can’t remember. It was late, y’all. Creepster scientist got caught but then he gives away that he’s not the mastermind behind this horrid virus scheme. Meanwhile back on the ranch, just kidding, Lizzie is waffling back and forth being all pouty mad at Red because she knows he killed her Dad.
(At which point I have to endure this silliness from husband.
DH: There she goes again! Seriously. I don’t believe she could kick anyone’s butt.
Me: Yes, dear husband I am starting to see your point. She is behaving like a school kid stomping feet and marching across the plane to sit away from Red. Even though I sometimes agree with husband about her character I suspend my disbelief because I love their insane little dysfunctional dynamic.)
They land, they interview a doctor who is contained in a psych ward.
Lizzie marches away in a huff telling Red she’ll walk back home. And by the way she doesn’t believe said insane person is a real doctor or anything else. Stomp, stomp, stomp then she’s all I hate you and I don’t want your help toddler in an FBI suit and off she goes saying: I will fly coach.  Lizzie gets back to the FBI headquarters and guess what? Real doctor is 100 % accurate in his information and she has to race back over to Red’s side. I love this stuff.
Cut to a plane with odd stranger wearing hoodie who is being spirited out of the country. One person on board begins shooting and suddenly the plane is on fire crash landing. The Blacklist is full of suspense always.
I’m not giving away the ending, but suffice it to say there’s a burning plane, a change of heart and a big fat double crossing and Red is surrounded by FBI, while waxing poetic to Lizzie. All done calmly while giving great hat. What has she done? And what’s up now with Lizzie and Donald Ressler. They were a little bit flirty last episode. Just saying. I kind of think that would be a pretty awesome little story arc. Love him. Oh yeah and I almost forgot to say that double crossing imbecile Tom somehow escaped the tail that Red put on him. Speculation on line that Red let him get away on purpose? What do you think? Best line this season was his: (Lizzie here’s a little tip, if you are going to handcuff someone, don’t break their thumbs)
Season finale of The Blacklist next Monday on Global TV. Bring it on next week! What do you think of Lizzie? Is she kickbutt or flaky? Is Red her Dad?

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  • Jenn

    I’m going to have to find this show. I wonder if it is On Demand through my cable company? I’m one of those that likes to just sit and watch a whole series in one day! LOL
    This one sounds good! It sounds like the characters are good, and really draw you in to the story line.
    I usually really like things that James Spader is in, too. Thanks for the recommendation for a new show to watch!