Planets and Constellations Word Search

You guys seem to love these word searches so I had my amazing helper build a beautiful new one that has some STEM learning in mind. When my kids were small there was a time when they were transfixed by the planets. In fact, they were as into planets as they were into dinosaurs for a few years. If your kids are at all like mine were then this Planets and Constellations Word Search will be perfect.

Planets and Constellations Word Search

Are your kids science junkies? Mine can be sometimes. It’s a good thing. Do you have a telescope? Are they budding astronomers? Then this Planets and Constellations Word Search will be just the ticket for them.


One year my kids went to camp and all of the cabins were named for constellations. That sort of solidified their interest in planets and the universe in general. It was a great camp too for a few years.


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FYI – if your kids are camp kids as mine are pack some extra letters to drop off at the front office of the camp they attend so that they get a note from home each day and they feel safe and happy. I add a little extra activity in their letters each year. Print out a couple of these free printables and colouring sheets and make sure to send some crayons and they will enjoy the surprise from home.

Planets and Constellations Word Search

In the event that you haven’t been here before here’s how you print the above Planets and Constellations Word Search. Right click the image and save to your computer and print it out. You may use this for your own family and for fun. You may not share on another web site. Looking for a gift for a small astronomer this season? Here’s a fun idea – > Constellations Star Ski night lamp.

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