Fun Elf Notes and Adoption Certificate

The fun elf notes and elf adoption certificate shared today are free for your family to use and enjoy. This year, probably more than ever before, we need a little fun and frivolity. Of course, this year that also needs to be safely executed within the parameters of social distancing and Covid.

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But you know who is not in lockdown? Santa Claus and your Elf on the Shelf. That’s why I thought these adorable elf notes and elf adoption certificate would come in handy right now.

Many areas are in lockdown, so that means more time spent at home not traveling to and from stores and malls and that’s a huge deal during the holidays.

We are all kids when it comes to Christmas, because we need a bit of that childhood joy right now. So, that’s why I am entertaining doing Elf on the Shelf for a change of pace.

I mean we’ve basically been doing that with our Baby Yoda for weeks now, and it is amusing.

I know the Elf on a Shelf activity is ridiculously popular. My neighbours did this for years and I marvelled at how creative they were. The kids next door would leave the elf notes and they corresponded nightly, which always made me laugh. One time they wrote with my daughter – Hey Can you do tricks? The next morning they all woke up to see a note back that said – “No, I will not do that! I am an elf not a trained monkey.”

We laughed for weeks about that response. Cheeky elf.

Elf notes and Adoption Certificate Printable

That’s why suddenly we are looking at Elf on the Shelf and maybe even trying it. I totally understand this entire phenomenon right now.

It seems like a lot of work sometimes and it has to happen at the end of the night when kids are in bed. Hats off to all of you who have been doing this for years. I don’t know where you find all of the ideas!

Basically this elf notes printable idea is intended to help. Use the notes, print them out and place with your elf nightly. Some are really positive supporting good behaviour in your child or grandchild.


One of the notes actually allows for a margin of error when you are so tired that you forget to move the elf. That is a note that I will print out in triplicate. LOL.

And this Cute Elf Adoption Certificate

How cute is this?

Byt the way, if you are not familiar then here’s what you need to know. The Elf on a Shelf is a tiny elf that you buy and you can choose eye colour etcetera now. Parents place him on the shelf or around the house nightly. He reports to Santa about your behaviour kind of thing. But, I have seen so much crazy fun staging of the elf that I have to say I applaud all of you.

Last year, I saw an elf in a huge mess of flour and hot chocolate making a mess baking in the kitchen. Personally, we make enough messes in our kitchen so that’s not for me. I also saw one flirting with Barbie and one that got into the toilet paper and was all wrapped up. What a mess!

There are all kinds of cute elf accessories too. I like this elf sleeping bag and robe.

I know that a lot of elves come with an adoption certificate in the box when you buy them new, but what about those of us who actually are late to the game and want to buy one now, perhaps a gently used elf?

This elf adoption certificate will help and it is free. So here’s to saving money this season.

Here’s How to Get These Free Christmas Printables

Click on the links here that say download and then print them out. Have fun with your house elf. If you haven;’t got one yet here’s a link to buy your own. Order one soon though because these Elf on a Shelf toys will again be hot this year.

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Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope that you find some lightness and joy this season. The New Year will be so much kinder. Of that I am positive. But for now, let’s ring some joy out of the season and make it memorable.

Happy Holidays!

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