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Are you starting to feel the spirit of the season yet? I don’t know about the rest of you but as much as I love summer (it’s my favourite season) there’s something absolutely lovely about cuddling by a fireplace staying indoors and watching a good TV show, or curling up with your children while flipping through the latest holiday gift catalogue that arrived at your home. We have been doing a lot of that lately here as the temperatures dip. I am happy to say we’ve already chosen a few gifts from the World Vision Canada gift catalogue so that we can give meaningful holiday gifts to our friends, teachers, and family members.

Just this month my older daughter decided to use her babysitting money to help rehabilitate child soldiers. That gift card arrived here today. One of our gift of giving cards arrived here already this week which means one of my dearest friends is taken care of already. I can stroke that name off my holiday list. I am thrilled that these World Vision Canada gifts give back to someone in a community somewhere in the world needing support right now. I am beyond proud of my daughter for being such a caring young person that she opted to help child soldiers with World Vision Canada.

meaningful gifts
Mlonra, age 7, with a chicken in Mashuru ADP.

There are so many brilliant and impactful presents that you can give that also give back this year. Everyone can find a gift that speaks to their heart, whether it be a handcrafted necklace that helps support women striving to build independence and a business, or something like a gift of fruit trees, a rooster, a goat or a piglet, which provides food for a family and sometimes creates opportunity to sell food at the market as well.

So join us Wednesday, November 18 at 8 p.m. EST to learn more about the World Vision Canada holiday gift catalogue and how you can also get your family involved in choosing meaningful gifts this year. When I give something through the gift catalogue each year I know the impact and have seen it first hand at work transforming lives in Colombia. When I give meaningful gifts from the gift catalogue I know I am working hand in hand with World Vision Canada to empower and lift up children and families around the world. That matters to me all year round.

There are numerous prizes to be won during the twitter party.

gift bag

  1.      Ugandan bracelet in cream or mint (winner’s choice) – listed in the gift catalogue $55.
  2. A –     $50 Visa gift card
  3. A –    $50 Visa gift card
  4.  A   Haitian Hand-beaded necklace – listed for $85 in gift catalogue – You can see it here.
  5.   Hand-carved coconut wood and shell salad spoons from Indonesia – valued at $75 in gift catalogue  (
  6. And a World Vision Swag Bag to gift to one lucky participant. – includes beautiful silver beaded necklace from Supa Maasai women’s cooperative in Kenya and hand-carved salad spoons in Kenyan tote bag – worth about $100

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We will take the hour to discuss giving back to others and the power of the gift catalogue to change lives. We hope you will join us along with members of the World Vision blog team who have been sharing their stories celebrating the real meaning of Christmas this year.

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