Save The Date for a World Vision Canada and Linked Moms #MeaningfulGifts Twitter Party November 18, at 8 p.m. EST. Prizes to Be Announced.


It’s no secret how much World Vision Canada means to me. I travelled many miles with several World Vision workers in 2014. I told many of those stories over the past year. We climbed a mountain by car, on roads that were not remotely stable, while goats looked on perched in trees. We tried not to look down for fear our legs would fail us at the end of the journey. The destination one day led us so far up a mountain just outside Bucaramanga that it seemed like we were standing on the top of the world, when suddenly a school revealed itself. The teacher there, once a sponsored child was now encouraging a class of sponsored children to excel at topics like religion and astronomy. That particular day the lesson I learned is one I took home to my children. That kids in some areas of Colombia climb a mountain almost one hour each way just to get the chance to sit in a classroom and learn. It’s an amazing commitment that is almost impossible to imagine. Proof that child sponsorship gives way to changed communities.

This time of year, the World Vision Holiday Gift catalogue also changes lives. Through meaningful holiday gifts you might help buy medicines to stock a medical clinic in an area where there is great need for that health care support. You might choose a goat, hens, or a rooster for a family that needs support building a livelihood, and then gift that on behalf of a relative, a teacher, or a good friend. Each gift given through the holiday gift catalogue comes with a special gift card you can send to the recipient. Last year we donated soccer balls to a community on behalf of one of my daughter’s teachers. And we gave gift of giving cards to several friends so they could choose something that resonated with them from the holiday gift catalogue.

When I glimpse through the holiday gift catalogue there are many gifts that jump out at me. This past week my daughter chose meaningful gifts from World Vision Canada gift catalogue. You can read about Payton’s choice to use some of her babysitting money to rehabilitate a child soldier.

When I think about the day we climbed the mountain by car and met the kids in the school at the top of the world I am reminded how powerful and important education is for everyone. I am moved to gift something this year that matters to me. The fact that you can furnish an entire classroom for under $200 in some areas of the world is completely astonishing and amazing to me. It’s a gift that continues to give back to future generations and will leave the world a better place. It’s a gift I have seen at work in Colombia.

On November 18th at 8 p.m. EST, join me @inkscrblr and @downshiftingpro as we @linkedmoms support @WorldVisionCan and their holiday gift catalogue during a one hour twitter party. That’s a conversation entirely help on twitter for one hour. We will take the hour to discuss giving back to others and the power of the gift catalogue to change lives.

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Save the date November 18th. Join us then and you might even win one of the amazing handcrafted gifts that we are giving away that evening.

[tweetthis]Join us November 18th at 8 p.m. EST for a #MeaningfulGifts twitter party.[/tweetthis]

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