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PERFECT Teen or Tween Gifts – Fashion Angels Charm Mashup and Work In Progress Natural Facial Care – #TMMGG2015


Fashion Angels Charm Mashup is a toy I would have gone nuts for as a tween or teen girl. I loved to craft and make things just like my girls do. So, I figured this would be a lot of fun but I was surprised it made me feel like a kid again too. Usually bead kits drive me a bit batty as a parent because the beads can wind up tracked all over the house, but we have learned a few tricks from the kid’s crafting experiments here over the years and I quickly just made sure ALL the beads went into one big container immediately. No mess. Just fun!


This adorable Fashion Angels Charm Mashup kit has numerous really precious charms and you can build up to 12 bracelets with the tools contained inside the craft kit. I have already made myself one because I needed to see how this worked firsthand and also because there’s the cutest little charm that looks like a twitter bird logo so that one was claimed by me immediately.


See? It turned out pretty well, didn’t it? This is a great gift for any girl over age eight. I had hoped to be able to post a shot of the package too but my one child was so anxious to do this that she tore into the package before I could get a great shot of it.


There are sweet inspirational message charms for bracelets that help make girls feel positive about their creations. Payton made one with Hope and Peace charms on it. Then she lit into making ones for her sister and her friends.

fashion angels

We really enjoyed this kit and found it pretty simple to use. Stringing charms onto wire is not so difficult if you follow the instructions and remember to crimp the corners with the pliers so that they don’t fall right off the end as you are making them. My only complaint about this kit is that when it is mailed, the beads get jostled around a lot and they were spilling out of the package inside the mailing box so I’d recommend being careful with the handling of it. But, I have to say this will be a massive hit with anyone who loves to create jewelry and fun things like that.

We also received a Fashion Angels Work In Progress Spa type Natural Face Care Set. The kit contains facial lotion, facial cleansing lotion and 30 Facial Cleansing Towelettes. Both of my girls loved this set and will use it for several months because it will last them awhile. The Natural Face Care Set is made in the United States and was not tested on animals. It also doesn’t contain any sulfates, phthalates or parabens.

Fashion Angels are on Instagram and Facebook as @FashionAngelsent.

Fashion Angels are also on twitter as @FashionAngels

Style.Lab can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as @styleabgirl

Youtube for both brands is FashionAngelsent

Together these gifts would both make a Ho Hum sleepover into a super duper sleepover. These are both great teen or tween gifts for holidays or birthdays too.


I received product for consideration here in the Thrifty Momma’s Tips Gift Guide.  My opinion is all my own. 

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