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Safety Tat Review: Keeping Your Children Safe #travel

My daughter using the Safety Tat on her arm at Disney’s Blizzard Beach recently
Safety Tat goes on like a transferable tattoo but it has the thickness and texture of a bandaid

Did you know that 90 % of families will experience losing a child in a public place? Almost everyone will remember the trauma of getting lost. And in the US over 2,000 kids get lost every day. In Canada, in 2009 alone 50,492 children were reported missing. When it comes to safety and public places you can’t be careful enough with children. And even when you are sometimes that isn’t enough. 

My daughter Ainsley is a runner. When she is overwhelmed or stressed, she freezes or flees. A lot of children, with and without special needs, are similar to mine. Which equals a whole lot of stressed out parents and a whole lot of near heart-stopping moments. Thankfully there are a few devices on the market that can help. We have, in the past, used a variety of different labels and safety devices so when a fellow blogger Lee over at MySentimentExactlee was promoting Safety Tats at Type A Mom last year, well I knew I had to have some. 

Safety Tat is a waterproof tattoo that you write on. We received a package of three Quick Stick Write On Tattoos from the company to use and recently put them to the test at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. The labels are hypoallergenic and  latex free. My daughter has super sensitive skin and they didn’t bother her at all, except for the one tattoo which I applied too close to the elbow. (I put it on when she was sleeping. Not advisable!) The company reports that they can last as long as two weeks. Ours didn’t make it that long. The first one made it less than a day because I applied it too close to my daughter’s elbow. We had better luck with the second one. It lasted about one week before she pulled it off. That’s pretty effective in my books. She ran while wearing it after a swim in the deep water at one of the plunge pools in the children’s area of Blizzard Beach. We found her and felt better that the tattoo was on while we were out in such a public spot. (A tip though – if you are out travelling and you use them make sure that your phone number corresponds to the cell phone you have on you. Duh. 😉 The cute little tattoos stick well and have cute characters on them. The one seen above has a surfboard on it. There are frogs and mice too. 
Like so many of these savvy products for children and families, this one was developed by a Mom. There are some economical options here. A three pack for travel is about $6.99 (Quick Stick Write-On! Tattoos.) There are some write-ons now for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Love that! It’s a smart adaptation in a marketplace that will use these for sure. Most of the write-ons are $19.99 for about 30. So not a bad price. The thing is – it’s impossible to put a price on safety. And while these aren’t supposed to take the place of supervision, they are reassuring to parents and caregivers. You can write your cell phone number or home phone number on with a pen provided with kit.
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I received a packet of three tattoos to use for this review.

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