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Bike Safety FOR Your Bike and a Master Lock #Giveaway ARV $100

Bike safety is all over the internet, but it’s usually about how to be safe while riding a bike. I get it. Bikes appear safe, but all it takes is one fall without a helmet to do serious damage. I am vigilant about helmets, of course. BUT… do we ever think about bike safety in the literal sense? As in, the safety of our bikes? I do. We paid good money for a couple of our bikes, so I want to make sure we keep them protected even when we travel.


Bike Safety – Be Sure Your Bike is Protected

So you wear a helmet when riding a bike and you always remember proper signals, and rules of the road when riding. But have you given any thought whatsoever to keeping your bike safe? They’re not inexpensive, so it pays to practice safety first FOR your bike all year round, and even when you store it for the winter.


Keep it Dry

At some point in your bike riding adventures, you’ll misjudge the weather and find yourself biking through the rain. No problem at all! Just remember that bikes have metal parts, and those metal parts are just a susceptible to rust as any other metal object. Rule number 1 of bike safety. Keep your bike dry and rust free.

Keep it Enclosed

Closely related, but still different, is keeping your bike enclosed. This is especially true if you life near the ocean, or where it snows and rains a lot. Store your bike in an enclosed garage, or in a storage shed to keep it safe and sound from the rain as well as excessive moisture in the air, and if you live near the ocean, salt. All of these things can serve to cause corrosion in your bike’s metal parts.


In the off season when only those who are truly committed or who love pain ride their bikes, it’s important to winterize you rides. Winterizing is key to bike safety, so make sure you grease up your chain, the brake mechanisms, and any other exposed metal parts to prevent oxidation over the winter months.

Keep it Secure

One of the biggest parts of bike safety is retaining ownership of your bike. There are a lot of people out there just waiting to bogart your stuff. Be sure your bike is safe and secure whenever you stop on your ride. We use Master Lock Double Locking Hardened Steel U-Lock which is super secure for one of the more expensive bikes here. The Master Lock U-Lock has a $1,000 anti-theft guarantee. That rocks! So if your bike is stolen due to someone being able to break your Master Lock U-Lock then Master Lock will reimburse you up to $1,000 or the value of your bike. That’s a crazy guarantee.

We’ve also just been sent a Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock, which I think is all kinds of cool. I hate passwords and combinations. I have enough of those. So, the way this one works is simple. Download the Master Lock Vault app. Pick a passcode and unlock your lock with your smartphone app. Then for all future uses you just need the app with Bluetooth to open and lock the lock. Of course, if you need to change settings then you need to use your passcode to alter them. Tonight, I spent some time walking my yard to find all the spaces I can use it. I can lock the shed with our bikes in it and use the Bluetooth Lock all season. That works well for me when we travel. I could also use it for the patio container we have on the deck when we go away or I can even lock the back gate with this. There’s already a lock on my gate but for extra security, because we have a pool, this might be a great way to help me feel even safer when we are away from home.

The bike lock does require a key but the Bluetooth lock doesn’t. It can only be opened with your smartphone. It’s a fantastic leap forward in lock technology.

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Bike Safety with Master Lock

If you love to ride bikes, go to school, have to change for work, travel, or are in any other situation that requires securing your belongings, this set of locks is a great choice. I particularly like the Master Lock Bluetooth Lock for travel. With no combo and no key, it’s easier than ever to use, and since it operates with a Bluetooth signal, it’s more secure than ever.

Win a set of Master Lock Locks just like the one I received. Follow the instructions below. I received product to facilitate this post. My opinion is all my own.

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