Self Esteem Booster Craft for Kids Six and Up: In Five Easy Steps

Self esteem is one of the hardest things to build and it can be destroyed so easily it seems. So, when I found this adorable self esteem booster craft recently I was happy to share. Because raising girls is hard work in this decade.


I heard a scary fact the other day when we were visiting a new therapist at Child and Adolescent OutPatient Clinic at the local hospital. A new therapist that helps with my daughter’s anxiety told me every single one of the girls she sees feels uncomfortable with their weight. Every. Last. One. No matter if they are healthy, athletic girls, average or curvy girls, slender or stick girls. Each one feels at one point in time worried and upset about weight. Can’t tell you how much I hate that.



In this home, I encourage my kids to feel good about themselves. We exercise and choose healthy food and active living. This is a matter of habit and necessity for us as I have learned by experience that mental and physical health are inextricably intertwined. When we pause our active lifestyle for some life event or crisis we see a dramatic difference in mental health. As a family we try to power through the rough spots together.


Clearly, Self Esteem should not be tied to weight. Nor should it be tied to any other single trait about any person, or child. Nurturing self esteem is one of the hardest things especially in girls and children who have joined their families by adoption. Leaving your home of origin, often coupled with the insult of trauma, abuse, neglect or simply grief means self esteem is so fragile. Part and parcel of adoption. The journey to a healthy self esteem is a constant goal at my house.

Lid is adorned with pretty, happy things that my daughter views as special.
Inside is the saying and a picture. This was really special to her from the ages of 6-9.

How to Make THIS Self Esteem Booster Craft:

One of my daughters made this incredibly simple, sweet, self esteem booster craft some time ago now. It’s a treasure box craft she made when working on building self esteem. I found it again when we were moving this winter and vowed to share it with my readers. The simple self esteem booster treasure box is made entirely with simple dollar store items.

What you need:

One wooden jewellery box from the Dollar store, or the craft store.
Small square or oval mirror (stick on is perfect.) Some craft boxes come with one inside already.
Paper and a Computer to print out this adorable saying.
Crafter’s glue.
A photograph of your child.
Sparkles, paint, sequins, glitter glue, and anything pretty, or fun that your boys or girls love at your house.

Start with a plain unadorned wooden box like this one. Sand it a bit if the edges are rough. Or if you have a woodworker in your family you can also build one.


 Or you can use this lovely style that is readily available at Dollar Stores during the Valentine season.


On your computer print this saying out.

Cute, right? This was originally made when one of my awesome kids was 6 years old. Simplicity is the name of the game around here when it comes to crafts. Let your child cut it out. You might need to measure the size based on the measurements of the box you are using.

Make It In Five Easy Steps:

1. First Glue this saying inside your self esteem booster craft box. (For an older child you might consider making the font smaller and then having them list 3-5 amazing facts about themselves at the end. For instance: I am a great singer and I love to draw. I am a good friend.)

2. Then Glue a photograph of your child beside it or underneath it depending on the size and shape of the box.

3. Glue a tiny mirror under the lid so that each time they open the box the child sees their image reflected.

4. Have your child Paint and Decorate the lid of the treasure box.

5. Put the lid on the top and it’s done.


Final Craft Product:

Done properly this should clearly show that the decorations are on the outside and the good stuff on the inside. A metaphor for growing girls. (or boys) This is a special treasure box that works as one more tool in your parenting toolkit to help your child see their value.

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