Sign Language Flash Cards and Memory Game

Use these Sign Language Flash Cards and Memory Game to nurture a love of languages this year. These are perfect for any age.

I have been a language lover from the time I was young. At about 7 years old I wrote a booklet with a male classmate. It was grade two, I think, and we made a big splash with our words and storytelling and I knew pretty much from that age that I’d be a writer in some capacity.

In those early days language and learning and words were everything to me. Family too, of course. Things haven’t really changed that much in that regard.

My kids are a bit like this as well. My older girl is fluent in French and Ainsley did French until just a few months ago. Payton has also been studying Japanese on her own time. So, I know she’d use these flash cards. When my kids were small we used a lot of flash cards to support teaching and literacy. My Mom was a teacher for over 30 years and she often used flash cards to teach.


American Sign Language is a language nobody here has successfully mastered yet. But, more than one of us has wanted to learn sign language for years now. So, we are using these here too.

Sign Language Flash Cards

Use these American Sign Language flash cards to memorize the alphabet. The memory game will help with that too.

When the kids were small I did baby sign with them to bridge that time before they were verbal. That continued for longer with Ainsley, because she had sensory processing disorder and she needed some extra support with communication. Truth be told she still does some days.

And a Memory Game!

Memory games are also great tools for all ages. If you have a senior relative living with you these may also benefit them.

Don’t forget to visit my Pinterest Printables board for more great learning ideas. To print the Alphabet Sign Language Flash Cards out and the sign language memory game too. See the link below for the full Sign Language package.


The Full Alphabet Sign Language Flash Cards and Memory Game Package

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