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16 Easy, Fun, Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

WE are huge dinosaur nuts here. We can’t get enough of them actually. Ever since we watched the first Jurassic Park movie the kids have been mesmerized. Well, to be honest they were both super into dinosaurs when they were small. But then they kind of lost interest for a bit.


In between all of our Marvel movie marathons and the Harry Potter phase too (which frankly is still ongoing), we rediscovered a love of dinosaurs. My youngest daughter’s latest obsession with dinosaurs is drawing them and she’s getting pretty good. Of course dinosaur crafts are a huge hit too.

Dinosaur books? Um yes please. Cannot get enough. My kids really love the DK Canada dinosaur books. When we travel, my youngest seeks out dinosaur exhibits at museums. Last year we found a great exhibit in Philadelphia on our mother daughter Philly adventure.

Fun Dinosaur Crafts for Your Amateur Paleontologists

1. Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets
2. Cupcake Liner Dinosaur
3. Paper Plate Dinosaur
4. Dinosaur Feet
5. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs
6. Cardboard Dinosaur
7. D is for Dinosaur
8. Pop Up Dinosaurs
9. Dinosaur Fossil Dig
10. Dinosaurs in a Jar
11. Egg Carton Dinosaurs
12. Toilet Roll Dinosaur
13. Rainbow Paper Plate Dinosaurs
14. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils
15. Paper Plate T-Rex
16. Printable Dinosaur Bookmarks

There are so many ways to bring dinosaurs to life for your kids if they are as interested in triceratops as they are in stegosauruses and raptors! Which of these fun dinosaur crafts and activities will you try first?


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