Signs and Hearts – #WordlessWednesday Linky

Do you believe in signs?
It was, in fact, Valentine’s Day when we took possession of our new home. As we were moving some boxes in, scoping out the rooms, my youngest daughter hollered: “Mom, come quick!”
This was on the rooftop of the house across the street. My youngest girl said: It’s Grandma. She’s been painting in the snow.
I have been moving through the last few months healing, but the physical and emotional challenge of moving from the house where I could literally picture my Mom in every room was a hard hurdle to get over. I had no qualms about leaving that house for a newer one with home office space in a nicer neighbourhood. My only obstacle all along was the fact that every time I packed something it reminded me in some way of my mom. Those of you who read this blog, or know me in person, know my Mother passed away unexpectedly sudden last May, right before Mother’s Day.
This was the most perfect thing I could imagine. As if she was saying I am here and I love you. 
Have you ever felt, or seen a sign from someone who has passed away?

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