So Where’ve I Been for the Last Year?

So Where’ve I Been this last year?

Two years ago this week we were practically standing at the door ready to roll on our trip to Vermont I was writing here 3-4 times a week, a regular contributor to CBC Parents and Content Coordinator at Neighbours of Sunningdale. But the pandemic upended a lot of that. Travel ground to a standstill two years ago this week and that was that. What is a travel writer without the ability to travel?

I pivoted fast to writing about pandemic parenting and that worked for several months. Frankly, that first year just being able to keep paying the mortgage was a big accomplishment. So, what about the last year though? For sure several of you have most likely noticed me writing less frequently. That’s because I took a new job as Digital media account manager at a digital media and marketing agency close to London, Ontario. (Side note: reach out of you need any marketing, communications or digital media/ social media marketing needs.) You can find me at 31st Line Strategic Communications.

My New Occasional Office

While a large portion of the last year has been remote work still, there was a chunk of summer and fall where I was in the office a couple days a week. That was actually pretty enjoyable and as you can see here some of my office colleagues are a whole lot of fun.

None of us know what next year brings, but as lockdowns and the travel forecast clears I hope to share many more adventures with you again soon. And I hope to be able to return physically to the office again soon as well.

To New Adventures

I am still writing, but mostly I do that at work in the context of the campaigns that I manage. This year we have traveled in Canada and I am enjoying that of course too. Quebec is always a hit for us as a family in any season and ski season this year was no exception. Recently we returned from Mt Tremblant, which is the spot where we learned to ski many years ago, so it holds a special spot in our hearts always. The trails and the snow were both exceptional this season. Here’s to being able to share a bit more travel here this spring and summer.

What Have You Been Up to? Are you planning any adventures? Did you make a career change during the pandemic?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.

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