Tackling Interzip, the World’s First Interprovincial Zip Line!

Many thanks to Tourisme Outaouais for the gifted experience at Interzip, the World’s first interprovincial zip line.

This past year when travel was a bit less predictable, we embraced camping, skiing and driving to Quebec to enjoy all the spectacular outdoor terrain. The Laurentians are a big draw for us always, in any season and Quebec is a manageable drive from London, Ontario, and several other Ontario cities, so it is a natural choice. Gatineau is one of our favourite Quebec cities to visit. It’s just the right distance to spend a couple of days in and then launch deeper into Quebec, which is how we planned our itinerary.

In Gatineau, we planned to do a few fun family friendly activities that everyone could enjoy. Interzip, the world’s first interprovincial zip line, topped my list of must do activities. So, after an afternoon paddling a canoe and exploring on the outskirts of town, we drove back towards the centre of town, found Rue Jo-Montferrand, located parking and checked in to get our gear, helmets and harnesses and get started.

We are a family that loves zip lining. So, any chance we get when we are travelling, we embrace the zip line and outdoor obstacle activities.

Interzip, the World’s First Interprovincial Zip Line

From the Gatineau business office of Interzip, it’s about a ten minute walk to the zip line platform across the Chaudiere to where the trip begins in Ottawa. The group is directed how to get there and t’s an easy walk over the Ottawa River. Of course, there’s a mandatory quick safety demonstration and it’s time to gear up and go up the stairs to the launchpad.

Not so easy are the stairs. LOL. In fact, the hardest part of the entire zip line adventure is the walk up the seemingly endless stairs. The day we were there in late summer it was warm out so we felt the burn from the climb after we stood and listened through the safety instructions. Once you are up there and overlooking the Ottawa River, the stairs seem worth the arduous trip.

Where else in the world can you zip from one province to the next? Nowhere actually. This is it. So, Interzip, the world’s only interprovincial zip line is a unique experience. The whole trip across the Ottawa River is fast so enjoy it, the scenery across the river is lovely. While this is one of the shortest zip lines we have ever done, the unique nature of zip lining across river from Ontario to Quebec is more than worth it.

Have you been to InterZip? What did you think?

The Details

Here are the facts about physical size and age. Interzip will open soon. Stay tuned to the Interzip web site for more information and opening dates. They also offer gift tickets.

Physical requirements Max. weight: 250 lbs,

Min. weight: 70 lbs

No minimum height, only weight

If you have a specific physical disability, reach out to:

We enjoyed this experience and would do this activity again.

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