St Patricks Day Word search

St. Patrick’s Day Word Search Free Printable

St Patricks Day Word search
St Patricks Day Word search

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Well, almost! My husband is part Irish, so we could wholeheartedly celebrate this holiday if we wanted to. We don’t typically. I mean, we have kids. Our fun times and parties incorporate kid’s games and family friendly activities. What do you do for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you celebrate at all or play it low key?

Regardless of whether you go all out or stay home and play it low key watching a movie, pretty much anyone can appreciate a simple word search. This one is simple enough for the kids and clean family friendly fun for the rest of us. I love word puzzles and games so consider this my St Patrick’s Day gift to you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy this St Patricks Day Word search.

Have you made any special treats or crafts for St. Patrick’s Day yet? I actually have several fantastic new posts that ran this month for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are my St. Patrick’s Day treats. You will definitely want to try some of these. I also have numerous crafts for St. Patrick’s Day. So tipping my hat to you and remember to be safe if you are a party-goer. Never drink and drive. Never drink when pregnant. Never ever leave your drink unattended. BE Safe!

You know the drill by now I hope. Right click and save to your computer or click the link below which is a PDF version of the printable. Happy searching! Good Luck this month and may the road rise up to meet you!

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