Superheroes Word Search Printable for Kids

Are your kids fanning over superheroes or heroines? Are they totally into Marvel Comics or DC? This summer with Wonder Woman and the anticipation of the next Avengers movie my one daughter is pretty into Marvel. Her favourite character is Captain America. It’s all I hear about. That’s why I figured this Superheroes Word Search would be a hit for kids of all ages.


I mean if my kids are this into the Avengers they can’t be the only ones. Are your guys and gals eager to catch any of the new Superheroes movies this coming season? Are they Team Cap or Team Iron Man? My oldest girl is Team Spiderman Homecoming right now. When I was away in Quebec recently on a travel opportunity they went to see Spiderman. Apparently it was amazing because they have given me a play by play of all the dialogue and all the jokes.


Superheroes Word Search

By now I am sure you know how this works. You can right click the above image and save and then print it out. Or you can click the link below and it will open up a clean image that is easy to print out. Have fun! Oh and stay tuned there are many more on the way!


Who is your favourite superhero?

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