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Take Aim with Zing Firetek Zeon Bow Set and a Unicorn Popper #SweetSuite


If you are looking for toys that aim to delight, look no further than the Unicorn Popper by Hog Wild and the Zing Firetek Zeon Bow set. A couple of weeks ago the Zing Firetek Zeon Bow set arrived here and I was waiting for the perfect chance to unleash it on the kids. That chance was this last weekend when my niece and nephews visited. We had a glorious weekend swimming and visiting and spent hours in the pool one day and honestly just needed to get them out to take a little break. The promise of a new toy was just the thing to get them in the shade for a moment.

[tweetthis]Zing Firetek Zeon Bow Set is a hoot for anyone with a child five and up.[/tweetthis]

The Zing Firetek Zeon Bow set is an archery set with a difference. The Zing bow and arrow set is meant for ages 5 and up. My nephew who is six, going on seven had no problem using this and had quite a bit of fun with it. The suction on the arrows works really well as you can see in the image below. It’s even more fun when you switch a button and the light up feature kicks in. This is an affordable and enjoyable toy. The kids enjoyed it, but my nephew enjoyed it much more. It’s just the right thing for an aspiring six year old superhero. I think he has pretty good aim. Plus it’s totally safe with no sharp bits or edges and sells for about $14.99.


Last month I attended a toy show and blogger conference in New York City. Sweet Suite was a great night of toys and connections. There I saw the Zing and also the Unicorn Popper, which made me laugh and is an honest to goodness instant hit and fun fidget toy. True story, we spied this one a couple months ago at Indigo in our city. My daughter’s former friend, who was a student teacher in her classroom a couple of years ago, now works at Indigo and we periodically visit her there. Ainsley likes to do that. Recently when we visited she had a Unicorn Popper she was playing with. Ainsley tried it out and really loved it. Now we have one of our own.


The Unicorn Popper is a hoot and a half. It is also a great fidget toy. My kids enjoyed this before they left for camp last week. None of us can stop playing with it actually. I am having as much fun as the kids are with it. This toy sells for about $9.99 and it’s so worth it. It comes with six balls and a little net to keep them in.



I attended a toy show last month in New York City and these were a couple of the toys that were also being shown there. I received these products in order to share this post. My opinion is all my own.

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