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The Honest Company Kitchen Products

>Recently I was introduced to The Honest Company Kitchen Products and happily tested them out in my home. Here’s what I found out….
Let’s start with the name. The Honest Company. That’s genius. I want to buy honest products from honest people. The word itself is heavily weighted in emotional appeal. So I heart that branding. The packaging is adorable and this company gave every Mom 2.0 summit attendee a great bundle of their products. But do The Honest Company cleaning products live up to their name?
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It’s been a long time since I have used a fruit and veggie wash. I used to clean everything with a bit of  water and soap, before I had kids, then I moved on to washing things well, just with water and  vinegar – my standby cleaning product for many purposes. So I was curious to see if The Honest Company fruit and veggie wash worked. I used it on all of our fruit this week.
Now before I show you the big reveal, based on my experience this week, I want to tell you why The Honest Company has the name it does. The Honestly Free guarantee means products are free of all these chemicals.
You can see the results of the fruit and veggie wash yourself. It works to remove wax, residue, pesticides and soil. The Honest Company has a web site you can order from  and a trial offer as well. They sell Honest diapers and a range of cleaning products for your home.
The dishwashing liquid is impressive also. Typically I have an issue with some all natural products not lathering the way they should. But Honest dish soap does. It cleans beautifully, lathers well and has the tiniest hint of a grapefruit scent. I had to sniff it an awful lot to really get any aroma there though. It’s extremely subtle in my opinion. It isn’t overly pricey either. $5.95 for a great product that’s healthier than some commercial soaps with harsh chemicals.
I love the range of products and the philosophy of the company itself. The Honest Company is a great little treasure trove of healthy products for your family. They also have plant-based vitamins.
And they do social well.
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I received product and was under no obligation to review this. I simply loved the company and the items themselves so I thought I’d share. Oh, and almost forget, they now ship to Canada.

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