The Ultimate Book Lover’s Subscription Box

Gifts for men can be difficult to find sometimes. I mean what exactly do they want? Clothes? Doubtful. Tools? Sometimes, but not every Dad, friend, brother or partner is a Tim, the Tool Man, Taylor.

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So what’s the answer to your gift-giving needs? Well, if you have a partner, friend or relative who loves to read, the men’s edition of Sweet Reads subscription box is just perfect.

Gifts for Readers

For all those Dads, friends, brothers, partners and husbands who love to read, we give thanks. Why? Well, because for you gift giving is a little bit simpler. You can always find something great for readers. Books, or book themed gifts, fun mugs, socks and literary themed gifts work all year round for the men on your list who love reading.


My Summer Dilemma

In June and July I often have a heck of a time figuring out all the gifts for my husband. We have: his birthday, our anniversary, and Father’s Day all in the same 30 day period. That leaves us both scrambling for ideas some years.

Not this year though. This year, the kids and I both ended up getting barbecue related products for him on Father’s Day. And for his summer birthday I decided on some clothing and also the gorgeous Sweet Reads Limited Edition Men’s box. It is the ultimate book lover’s subscription box, in my opinion.

If you know or love a book lover then you also always have great options. You might give a book, or a gift card. Or you might level up with a themed box of gifts that are charming and fun for any book lover. The Sweet Reads subscription box is a great gift for anyone. Watch for their limited edition specialty boxes from time to time too.

Adorable Mug Shot Mug, by Hatley, Little Blue House

This limited edition men’s Sweet Reads subscription box was just the ticket for me this year. Keep an eye open to see if they do this again at Sweet Reads. Did you know they’ve also done some Young Adult themed Subscription boxes as well? That reminds me I need a gift for my daughter’s birthday soon! To that end, it’s time for me to start dropping hints about what I want for my birthday too. Sweet Reads would be FABULOUS for summer days poolside. Hint. Hint.

Finding the Right Gifts for Readers

I often buy Jim books because I know he enjoys them and yet he rarely buys them for himself. So books are great gifts for this guy. My husband likes to read, but he’s too practical to go out and buy himself new books. It’s actually the funniest thing to me. He will also read a book a couple of times if he really enjoys it.

The Sweet Reads Men’s Limited Edition Subscription Box included:

  • Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly
  • Salted Caramel Honeycomb Dips
  • Papua New Guinea with Salted Caramel Organic Kyoto Coffee
  • Cute Coffee Themed Socks from Hatley, Little Blue House
  • Mug Shot Mug also from Hatley, Little Blue House
  • and finally Men Don’t Stink soap from Walton Wood Farms

Sweet Reads is packed full of gifts for readers that will ALWAYS hit the mark. I know Jim likes this gift because he is powering through the Michael Connelly book. In fact, we have both read Connelly’s books before, so I might crack this one open myself after he finishes it.


All About Sweet Reads

Sweet Reads Subscription Box is a curated subscription box filled to the brim with book-related gifts for the avid reader. It’s a Canadian company, which I love, and the company prides itself on bringing readers the best of the best when it comes to gifts for readers.

Each box contains a best-selling fiction novel, so you know the book will be good. In addition, the box features beautifully crafted items carefully selected to match the book within the box perfectly, artisan drinks, and gourmet goodies. A little bit of everything!

Gifts for Readers are Easy Now

I was excited to give my husband his Sweet Reads Subscription Box. Because this box features the book “Dark Sacred Night” and he loves fiction, mystery, spy stories, and psychological thrillers, I knew the box would hit the bullseye for sure.

If you have an avid reader in your life, give Sweet Reads a try. Each and every box is stuffed with great gifts for readers, and the subscription itself is excellent because your reader will always be looking forward to another great book along with more great goodies.

Get a Discount on Multiple Months

Signing up for the Sweet Reads Box Newsletter earns a 10% discount code on 3 and 6 month subscriptions. Boxes ship on the 15th of the month. For more details check out Sweet Reads Canadian subscription Box.

Order Now

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