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Happy Birthday and Sales

  My gorgeous first-born child is nine years old today and that is truly cause to celebrate. To the girl who made us parents: I wish you a happy year full of challenges you can manage, as many hugs as you require, as much love as a heart can hold and as many friends as you need. I hope you will grow healthy and stronger by the day. I hope you will trust that who you are is good enough and then some. This picture is her last day as an eight-year-old spent celebrating Canada Day at Harris Park. This year we will travel to Niagara Falls and have a fun family party thanks partly due to the excellent deals with Lay’s Chip Trips. See for more information and to sign up. The excellent price reducation due to the chip trips and points we acquired means that we can afford a lot of fun Niagara Falls activities this year. Hurray!

Today only is Old Navy 30 % off everything and free flip flops for adults.
Shoppers is 20 times the points all weekend long.
M&Ms has yummy Bear Paw burgers for $5.99 for six. MMMM. Happy Holiday Weekend!

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