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Father’s Day My Dad Printable for Preschoolers

A My Dad Printable is a great way for a child to make a simple craft for Dad this Father’s Day. In fact it is a pretty simple Father’s Day craft. It’s also a cute way for a younger child to practice printing and understanding a few things about Dads.

My Dad. What does your Dad do? How old is he? What is his name? These are all good questions for preschoolers and even some toddlers, to be able to understand and answer. These questions help them build a cute craft while reinforcing their concept of identity and roles within your own family. It’s June, which means almost time for Father’s Day. So, why not help the crafty little ones along with this simple MY Dad fill in the blanks worksheet?


What could be cuter than handmade Father’s Day gifts and cards? Not much actually. Maybe school is already taking care of making something crafty for Dad. And I am sure Most Moms have already got their gifts purchased and tucked away. But it can also be a really sweet learning activity for kids to do their own thing.

When my daughter was small she did a whole Father’s Day booklet for Dad. All the kids did a My Dad book as a gift for their fathers on Father’s Day. It was a cute exercise and we still have that tucked away upstairs in our home. This My Dad kid’s craft booklet is a keepsake that we cherish, just like the many adorable Mother’s Day presents over the years.


This simple fill-in-the-blanks Father’s Day printable children’s worksheet will help your child get started. If you homeschool you can print these out in multiples and have everyone do one. The beauty of worksheets like this is that they help with literacy skills and printing too. I always liked using these kinds of tools to help my younger daughter work on her fine motor skills.

How to Print the My Dad Father’s Day printable


Here are the instructions. It’s simple to print this My Dad Father’s Day Printable out. Just click on the link above and download then print My Dad Printable Worksheet. Happy Father’s Day! Oh and don’t forget to print this Father’s Day printable word search out too.

Do you have any big plans for Father’s Day?

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