Top 5 Frequently Asked Disney Vacation Questions

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Let’s face it, a Disney trip is a rite of passage, an experience you have to share with your kids at least once. Even if your kids aren’t big on princesses or Mickey Mouse, you don’t want your kids to miss the chance to experience the wonder and joy only a major theme park can offer.


In both Disney and Universal parks, the immersive experience can’t be beat and the level of service is second to none. But if you aren’t very familiar with Disney and Universal (like you didn’t know that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is not actually at Disney) or you are intimidated by making arrangements yourself, then you should consider booking your vacation with an Authorized Disney or Universal travel agency.


Ryan Starkweather and Lauren Starr run Click The Mouse London, a local travel agency specializing in Disney and Universal travel packages for families from London to Windsor and surrounding areas. Their business and passion is making Disney dreams come true for other families.

Recently I sat down with Ryan and Lauren to hear some of their client’s most frequently asked Disney vacation questions.

The Top 5 Frequently Asked Disney Vacation Questions

  1. Is the Dining Plan Worth It?

In short, yes. We always say, you are going to eat so why not pre-pay? You book the Dining plan when you purchase your trip, which means you can pay in advance for your food. We really enjoy it because it lets us feel like our trip is all-inclusive.

The Tiers Explained

Quick Service Tier 1

Now if your kids can’t sit through a meal or you don’t want many sit down meals you should consider the Quick Service (first tier) dining plan. It has two snacks and two cafeteria-style/quick service meals per person per night stay  (credits are based on the number of nights you stay at a Disney resort). Because you are not eating at sit down restaurants you don’t need to worry about gratuities. Use snack credits for breakfast, or to try all the new snack options that pop up around the parks.

Disney Dining Plan Tier 2

The Disney Dining plan (second tier) gets you 1 table service meal in addition to your 1 quick service meal and 2 snacks. Many different restaurants offer character meals (where characters like Cinderella or Mickey Mouse visit your table while you eat) but these can be pricey if you pay out of pocket. When you purchase the Disney Dining plan, you can use table service credits for these meals (although a select few take two credits per person).

Deluxe Plan Tier 3

We can’t imagine eating enough food to make the Deluxe plan (third tier) good value, but for families that want to have two sit down meals and a quick service meal each day plus two snacks this is the right plan.

New in 2018 is the bonus that all three plans offer an alcoholic beverage with each quick service and table service meal!


  1. How old do kids need to be to go to Disney?

Disney prides themselves on making rides for all ages and we agree. With a few exceptions, like Expedition to Everest, Space Mountain, Flight of Passage and Tower of Terror, 95% of rides are geared to all ages. Where else can you guarantee that you and your kids will have fun? A lot of people say to us: I have an 18 month old, are they too young? We say you will remember that trip forever and you will experience the magic through your kids’ eyes. The first time we took our daughter to Disney she was 8 months old and that is one of our favourite trip memories.

Generally, a trip to Walt Disney World is something many families want to do before their kids are 10 years old and Universal is somewhere they visit with their tweens. But this all depends on your kids and their temperament.

We try to buy experiences for our kids instead of toys as much as possible. Some of our most vivid memories are of our kids on vacation.


  1. When should we use our Fast passes?

We think mid to late morning is usually the best time. This fluctuates if you are going back to your hotel for a break from the heat – which we usually recommend. After you use your third Fast pass you can go online to get a 4thand 5th Fast pass. By squeezing your passes in during the morning you can maximize your riding potential.



  1. Do I need a park hopper ticket?

Generally we would say no for Disney. If you have smaller children and are visiting for at least a few days or if it is your first visit, we don’t think you need the park hopper. Travelling between parks can waste time. However, there are certainly advantages to this ticket upgrade.

First, it gives you lots of flexibility in your day. If you want to start at one park, ride all the rides but then see a special show at a second park in the same day you can. It also works well if your family is divided on their must sees.

For Universal we recommend their version of the hopper ticket. If you want to ride the Hogwarts Express, you need a park to park ticket and we think this ride is one you need to ride both ways!


  1. Why should I book my vacation with a travel agent?

There are many pieces to a successful Disney family trip. Flights, resorts, dining packages and Fast passes all require advance planning. We hear from clients that this is daunting.  Many people have heard they are supposed to book things in advance but they aren’t sure what a Fast pass is or where to meet characters for dinner. We love helping people with this. We will wake up at 6 am to book your dining or stay up until midnight to book your cruise excursions. You can also call us when you are on holiday with questions.

Special Needs Disney Travel Arrangements? No Problem.

We book many trips for people with autism and sensory challenges, says Ryan. With my background in developmental services, I am able to find all the quietest spaces if that’s what you need for travelers with sensory issues. I can arrange for special equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, or commodes and can get those sent to your resort affordably.

So What Does it Cost to Use Click the Mouse Services?

Having us at Click the Mouse London build out your trip and help you with your itinerary is free, because Disney and Universal pay agents a commission. The price you pay when booking with us is the same as if you booked directly with a travel provider. The difference is that we will provide you with personalized, consistent support from start to finish, says Ryan.


Don’t Settle for Bad Disney Advice

The thing about Disney and Universal is that if you get bad advice you won’t know any better and you could miss out, or be left feeling like it’s not quite as magical. Click the Mouse London helps you stack the deck in favor of the best family vacation yet.

Here’s How to Contact Ryan and Lauren:

Click the Mouse London offers free no-obligation estimates to Disney and Universal as well as Disney Cruises. You can ask for one by clicking on the link above today to get your trip started.

Read more: http://www.mouseducktravel.com/


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