Quality Insurance and FREE GAS with Desjardins Insurance #GetAQuoteAndWin

This post has been sponsored by Desjardins which means I received compensation. My opinion is my own.

Quality insurance is something I’ve always known I would need. As many of my regular readers know by now, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease by the age of 14. It’s a chronic inflammatory bowel disease with no known cure, only management. From high school on I knew any career path I chose would have to be one that offered great insurance I could trust.

I have been dealing with insurance companies from the time I was a teen. I used to fill out our insurance forms with my Mom’s supervision. She was a single parent and ever had enough hands for things like that. So, I know many insurance companies and have had interactions with several over the decades.


When I got married and then later when we adopted our two girls we needed reliable health, property and auto insurance. Reliable quality insurance was crucial and of course auto insurance and home insurance were necessary to protect us as a family. We ended up with Desjardins Insurance several years ago, long before they approached me to share this free gas promotion.

Quality Insurance is Key for My Family

For years, my family and I have relied on Desjardins to help us keep us healthy, and frankly, sane. We have multiple people with health issues and complex needs in our home, and I use our insurance weekly or even more often, in some cases. They make it simple and easy, which I appreciate. When someone in my family is sick, the last thing I want to do is fight with an insurance company about coverage or reimbursement for costs.

When you are sick, or parenting kids with special needs and complex mental and physical health issues, everything is already an uphill battle. Every single step involves advocating for something. Insurance and health care should support and help, not place additional obstacles in your path. I’ve had challenges with some previous companies, and it absolutely adds insult to injury in a very real way.

Similarly when you have a car accident you want the car fixed promptly and you don’t really want to have to argue with anyone to get that done. When our fence blew over in a violent windstorm in May, I was glad we had homeowner’s insurance that helped.


I remember going through a claims process 25 years ago with a different insurer. In the end, I worked it out, but had to work it out. I came away from the whole thing feeling defeated and exactly like a number, not a person. That has never been my experience with Desjardins. When I call them – whether it be for a claim or to ask a question – I am treated well, and I come away feeling glad that we have this particular insurer for our family.


Get Quality Insurance and Maybe Free Gas

I know from personal experience that Desjardins is an excellent company, and I want you to know, too. We have been with them for health insurance for about 10 years now. They have a vast range of other insurance products too from home and auto insurance to critical illness insurance and even identity coverage insurance. My point is – they have everything needed to help give you peace of mind.

Right now Desjardins is also providing the chance to win free gas for a year, which could be an amazing prize for someone. Here’s hoping it’s one of my readers!

Contest Details:

When you get a quote from Desjardins, you’ll be entered to win free gas for a year. Here are the details straight from Desjardins.

Desjardins Insurance has the right coverage to help you protect the things that matter most to you. And now, for a limited time, you could be entered to win FREE GAS for a year when you complete an online quote. It’s quick and easy – and you can see just how much you can save with a Desjardins Agent. 

Here’s how to enter:

Simply visit their FREE GAS page and click “Get a Quote”. That’s it. There are no hoops and no runaround. You get a quote, and you might get free gas. I KNOW you’ll get a quality insurance provider if you decide to sign up with them. So get a quote on the insurance you need and maybe get some free gas.

This contest closes December 17th, 2018 at 11:59am EST. This contest is open to Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick residents only. No purchase necessary. See full Contest Rules. Good Luck!


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