Vallarta Food Tours: Evening Taco Adventure

The beef cheek taco seizes your tastebuds and stops you in your tracks. You think: “Wow, I am eating beef cheek on the street in Puerto Vallarta and it is unimaginably tender and moist.” Who knew?

But the beef cheek taco is just one surprise on the Vallarta Food Tours evening taco tour.


Surrender to the Experience

These are things you learn when you surrender to the sense of adventure that travel brings:


1. Street meat can be magnificent.

2. The architecture in downtown Puerto Vallarta is regal and dignified.

3. It’s possible for a man to operate a churro stand all his life in order to put his daughter through law school.

4. It is also possible that the same man will light up a gas apparatus in a rainstorm to feed a van full of hungry tourists. Apparently this is dangerous.

5. There are more types of tacos than you ever imagined.


Other Things You Learn on a Puerto Vallarta Food Tour:

  • Coca Cola in Mexico is not the same as it is in Canada or the US for that matter. High fructose corn syrup is not present in the Mexican version of the popular soft drink.
  • The tacos they serve in Canada are sad, and will never taste as good as they did before. Mescal is not so sharp, or potent, as you expected.

Adventure in Puerto Vallarta

I am with a group of US and Canadian tourists and we are racing from spot to spot, stand to stand in the Vallarta food tours adventure at night in Puerto Vallarta. Street food, I am learning here on this adventure, is some of the most authentic and tasty food you could ever find.


First stop Cevicheria El Guero, 291 Madero Street and Consititution Street

I am not a foodie by any stretch. But I know what I like and this is it. My family sadly is not particularly adventuresome, as far as food goes. My kids right now, in their tweens, enjoy only bland beige food. No spices, please, my mouth is on fire. That’s what I hear when I serve dull old fajitas from a kit. They are actually much pickier eaters than they ever were as toddlers. Sad, but true.


Sampling new culinary treats and indulging in spicy food makes me happy. I avoided spice for decades because of my Crohn’s Disease, but when I am feeling well enough I enjoy exploring new foods and flavours. Sure sometimes I shouldn’t, but I do anyways. (My stomach sometimes kicks me for it, but never ever has done so in Mexico.)

On the third night of our stay here, I am up for an evening food tour in Puerto Vallarta. The tour is run by Vallarta Food Tours and it is a three hour nightly walking tour through the streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta.


Food Tour Tips


Note – at the time we did this tour it was not recommended for vegetarians. Wear comfortable shoes and be warned – although kids are welcome and will enjoy much of the tour, three hours at night is a long time for a child to walk, talk and eat.


My daughter was 12 when we visited. She enjoyed a few of the dishes – fish tacos and churros were great for her and the guides were so good with her. One ran off to get her Gatorade, worried she was overheating. The service, was, as we noticed everywhere in Puerto Vallarta, attentive and proactive. I thoroughly enjoyed Vallarta food tours and would recommend for many tourists and travellers.

Our Tour Guides for the evening taco adventure

The Vallarta Food Tour guides took us through 5 de Deciembre neighbourhood and Emiliano Zapata area as well. We felt safe the entire time and were treated to an insider’s view of some amazing little Puerto Vallarta hotspots for foodies. There are several of these food tours to choose from with Vallarta Food Tours. Some start in the romantic area of town and they also offer some private tours too. You can get tickets on line or call 322.151.4426.


I tried Mescal which is something I had never done before – even though I’ve been to Mexico three times. It was not as harsh as I thought it would be. The fish tacos were a highlight for me, and for my daughter as well. The spicy parts of the tour really come when you add them via the various hot sauces, so this trip excursion isn’t just for those who love spices. Also, you can adjust or eliminate heat by avoiding the hot sauce so pick your poison. This was enjoyable and a really unique experience for me as a traveller who, when travelling with family, often opts for all inclusive resorts.


Vallarta Food Tours

The food and the incredible people make this tour enough on its own. But add to that, the fact that this Vallarta Food Tours Evening Tour pulled in historical facts, stories and architecture and the evening adventure is a must do excursion.

In fact, tell anyone you are travelling to Puerto Vallarta and see what they say. Every tourist who has ever visited this city will tell you the food here is outstanding and unique and it may change the way you feel about Canadian or American cuisine. So be an explorer and sample something new.


I highly recommend this food tour experience (with a couple of caveats above) because the walking portion of the tour gives you an insider’s view of the city itself and the culture. Keep your camera or iPhone ready to shoot some pictures. The night we went, in June, we were rained out at the end of the tour. The bus picked us up and took us back to our resort at Casa Magna Marriott. Read my Casa Magna Marriott, Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta review here. We had a great adventure prior to the rain though. This food tour was a hit with the group.

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