Tuesday: In the Life of a Child with Special Needs

Today we had a field trip to the school board because my daughter’s school continues to fail her and today all she needed was a bit of attention and help getting into class. But one person yelled at her, yanked a timer from her hands and told her to go home. Another adult told her she has to want to be in school or she will have to go to a different school (in front of me) and same said I am really busy right now. Then we ran into her at the bank three minutes later, because I pulled over in my van to tweet what was happening. My friends, and sane people, noted that this wasn’t inclusive education. I agree.

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  • AnnMarie Brown

    I am so upset that this is happening to your angel… if they are treated properly and made to feel welcome and secure none of this would happen… of course they will get frustrated with things but that would be nothing compared to what you are dealing with now.

    Oh a side note… it is situations like this that I hear time and time again that just reaffirms my decision to homeschool my FASD child.

  • Jennifer Cluff

    sorry that you are going through this. we’ve had similar type of incidents with the same board and this is what finally made me pull my special needs son and homeschool. so much less stress!

    i hope that you are able to get things figured out!!